Method for preparing anti-electrostatic property modified plastic raw material

A manufacturing method and antistatic technology, applied in the direction of coating, can solve the problems of secondary pollution, difficult degradation, environmental hazards, etc., and achieve the effect of improving antistatic performance

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-01-14
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Problems solved by technology

However, with the wide and large application of plastic boxes and plastic products, various waste plastics and waste plastic products are also produced in large quantities. These waste plastics are difficult to degrade in the natural environment and can only be disposed of by incineration or landfill.
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Method used

The advantage of the present invention is: the problem that plastic recycling is insufficient in the prior art, plastic fertilizer and polyether sulfone and polyetherimide are mixed according to the mixture of mass ratio 4:1, pass conduc...
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The invention discloses a method for preparing an anti-electrostatic property modified plastic raw material. The method comprises the following steps: (A) cleaning wastes: putting plastic wastes and a mixture, which is prepared from polyethersulfone and polyetherimide through mixing according to the mass ratio of 4: 1, into a pickling tank, soaking for 2 days, then, fishing out and air-drying; (B) crushing the air-dried wastes, heating to melt the wastes, adding ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene copolymer), brucite powder, chloromethane, graphite, a nonionic surfactant, benzophenone and a conductive agent, and enabling the raw material to be viscous; (C) extruding the viscous raw material obtained in the step (B) with an extruder, so as to form strips, arranging a cutter in front of the extruder, cutting the strips once every 1mm, so as to form small strips, and enabling the cut small strips to fall onto a water-cooled conveying belt; (D) cooling the small strips by the water-cooled conveying belt during conveying, and bagging until the small strips are conveyed to the tail end, thereby obtaining anti-electrostatic property modified plastic raw material granules, wherein the melting temperature is 180-300 DEG C, and the conveying degree of the water-cooled conveying belt is 8-10 meters. The method is simple in preparation, convenient in use and high in waste utilization ratio.

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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 1:
[0021] 80 parts of plastic waste, 20 parts of a mixture of polyethersulfone and polyetherimide in a 4:1 mass ratio, 10 parts of ABS, 5 parts of brucite powder, 3 parts of methyl chloride, 1 part of graphite, non-ionic surfactant 0.5 part, 0.5 part of benzophenone, 0.5 part of conductive agent.
[0022] Example 2
[0023] 100 parts of plastic waste, 30 parts of a mixture of polyethersulfone and polyetherimide in a 4:1 mass ratio, 15 parts of ABS, 8 parts of brucite powder, 7 parts of methyl chloride, 2 parts of graphite, non-ionic surfactant 0.8 parts, 0.8 parts of benzophenone, 0.8 parts of conductive agent.
[0024] Example 3
[0025] 120 parts of plastic waste, 40 parts of a mixture of polyethersulfone and polyetherimide in a 4:1 mass ratio, 20 parts of ABS, 10 parts of brucite powder, 8 parts of methyl chloride, 3 parts of graphite, non-ionic surfactant 1 part, 1 part of benzophenone, 1 part of conductive agent.
[0027] Preparation method of the above materials
[0028] Washing of waste: Put plastic waste and a mixture of polyethersulfone and polyetherimide in a 4:1 mass ratio into the pickling tank for 2 days, then remove and dry.
[0029] After the dried fertilizer is crushed, heated and melted, ABS, brucite powder, methyl chloride, graphite, non-ionic surfactant, benzophenone, and conductive agent are added to make it viscous. Use an extruder.
[0030] Extrude the viscous raw material in step B into strips. A cutter is set in front of the extruder to cut once every 1mm. After cutting, it will be in a small strip shape and fall on the water-cooled conveyor belt.
[0031] The water-cooled conveyor belt cools down the strips during the conveying process, and packs them into bags at the end to obtain antistatic modified plastic raw material particles.
[0033] The advantages of the present invention are: the problem of insufficient plastic recycling in the prior art, the plastic fertilizer is mixed with a mixture of polyethersulfone and polyetherimide in a mass ratio of 4:1, and a conductive agent and a non-ionic surface The active agents work together to obtain new recycled materials, the utilization rate is increased by 12.1% compared with the traditional pure use of plastic waste, and the antistatic performance is increased by 9.2%.


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