Coffee drink, coffee drink recipe, accessory materials and manufacture method of the accessory materials

The invention relates to a coffee beverage and a production method technology, which is applied to the formulation of coffee beverages, the production of auxiliary materials and auxiliary materials, and the field of coffee beverages. The effect of getting angry and unifying the taste

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[0003] However, coffee tastes bitter, and excessive intake of caffeine can lead to a decrease in bone density, leading to osteoporosis
In addition, drinking a lot of coffee may a...
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Method used

And the main component of auxiliary material comprises: lychee meat and lychee shell. Adding lychee shells and lychee cores not only increases the fruity flavor of the coffee drink, but also reconciles the hot side effects of lychees and coffee to prevent getting angry. In order to make the coffee beverage richer in taste and higher in health care and nutritional value, one or more combinations of Chinese yam, longan meat, wolfberry and the like can also be added to the auxiliary materials.
Litchi seed, its nature and flavor are sweet, bitter, warm in nature, has regulating the flow of vital energy and relieving pa...
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The present invention discloses coffee drink, a coffee drink recipe, accessory materials and a manufacture method of the accessory materials. The accessory materials of the coffee drink recipe comprises: litchi meat and litchi shells. Thus, the coffee drink is mellow and delicious in fruit fragrances and unique in tastes, and the litchi shells and litchi kernels blend the dryness-heat hot nature side effects of the litchi and coffee, which prevents internal heat. In addition, by adding Chinese yams as one of the ingredients, the spleen and stomach strengthening efficacy characteristics reduce the stimulation of drinking coffee to the stomach. By adding Chinese wolfberry fruits, the anti-fatigue effect is combined with the mind refreshing and brain stimulating efficacy of the coffee, so that the coffee drink has relatively high health-care values.

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Coffee extraction

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CoffeaSide effect +6


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Example Embodiment

[0075] Specific embodiment one:
[0076] First, use different weight percentages of lychee meat: 45%, yam: 25%, longan meat: 5%, medlar: 5%, lychee core: 5%, and lychee shell: 15%, clean it and put it in a layered pot, add 5 times water, heat at 95℃ for 1 hour, filter the juice, add 5 times water, heat at 95℃ for 1 hour, then filter the juice, after the two filtered juices are mixed, at 90℃ Concentrate the two filtered juices for 4 hours to form a thick paste-like concentrate, which is cooled to form an extract, which is crushed into a powder for use;
[0077] Secondly, put the 30% dry powder of the concentrated extract and 70% instant white coffee powder into the cup according to the weight percentage, pour it into boiling water, mix and stir, and then drink it, and add sugar, milk and/or plants according to personal preference Eat after the cream.

Example Embodiment

[0078] Specific embodiment two:
[0079] First, use different weight percentages of lychee meat: 45%, yam: 25%, longan meat: 5%, wolfberry: 5%, lychee core: 5%, and lychee shell: 15%. After mixing and crushing, add 6-7 times Simmer in water for 1-2 hours, cool and filter, and spray-dry the filtrate to obtain a mixed powder for later use.
[0080] Secondly, put the 20% mixed powder and 80% instant white coffee powder into a cup according to weight percentage, add boiling water or ice water, mix and stir, add sugar, milk and vegetable fat according to personal preference and eat.
[0081] In addition, it should be noted that the various ingredients in the above-mentioned lychee meat, longan meat, lychee shell, lychee core, yam and wolfberry can be proportioned according to the dry matter composition (that is, the dried matter after dehydration), or according to the wet matter composition ( That is, fresh fruit pulp, shell or core, etc.) to be proportioned.
[0082] In the coffee beverage of the embodiment of the present invention, other ingredients such as lychee are added to make it have the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing the brain, strengthening immunity, reducing swelling and thirst, stopping bleeding and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, and beautifying, and its health value is higher. The coffee beverage has a rich and delicious fruity aroma, while the lychee core component has the effect of relieving stomach pain and lowering blood lipids. The lychee shell neutralizes the hot characteristics of lychee and coffee, preventing the abuse of excessive coffee consumption. This formula reflects the health care value of litchi shells and cores, which makes everyone pay more attention to the value of diet and the social value of turning waste into treasure.


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