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Coffea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. Coffea species are shrubs or small trees native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia. The seeds of some species, called coffee beans, are used to flavor various beverages and products. The fruits, like the seeds, contain a large amount of caffeine, and have a distinct sweet taste and are often juiced. The plant ranks as one of the world's most valuable and widely traded commodity crops and is an important export product of several countries, including those in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa.

Biological pesticidal organic fertilizer and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN103724139ASimple structureAddress organic matter declineFertilizer mixturesPaulownia coreanaNematode
The invention discloses a biological pesticidal organic fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. The biological pesticidal organic fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-50 parts of pig manure, 20-30 parts of tea seed pulp, 10-15 parts of coffee grounds, 8-12 parts of paulownia sawdust, 5-10 parts of phosphogypsum, 4-8 parts of corn cob, 5-10 parts of pepper seed cake, 10-15 parts of mushroom dreg, 8-12 parts of wheat bran, 15-20 parts of bentonite, 10-15 parts of opoka, 2-3 parts of ferrous sulfate, 1-2 parts of manganese sulfate, 3-5 parts of humic acid, 1-2 parts of chinese tallow tree root and bark, 2-3 parts of sophora alopecuroides, 1-2 parts of stemona, 1-3 parts of Artemisia annua, 1.5-2.5 parts of ailanthus leaf, 2-3 parts of derris and 1-2 parts of Radix Euphorbiae Ebractealatae. The organic fertilizer disclosed by the invention has multiple effects of providing nutrients, improving the soil structure, preventing and treating pests and diseases and the like, can promote the crops to quickly grow, enhances the stress tolerance of the crops, can have favorable preventing and treating effects on nematodes and soil insects, reduces or avoids use of chemical pesticides, enhances the soil fertility, regulates the ecological equilibrium of soil, improves the quality of agricultural products, has no chemical residues, and implements yield increase and income increase of agricultural products.

Method of brewing different types of beverages with a single brewer

A method of brewing a fresh, hot beverage in a beverage brewer (10) having a brew basket (18) for holding ingredient to be brewed and a dispensing spray head (12) for passing water onto a top surface of a layer of ingredient supported within the brew basket (18) during a dispense period of a brew cycle uses a temperature selectable dispense system having an on-demand hot water heating chamber assembly (30) with a hot water chamber (86) having a volume substantially less than the volume of beverage brewed during a single brew cycle. An electrical heating element (98) of sufficient power quickly and substantially alters the temperature of the water in the chamber during a single brew cycle and a microprocessor controller (38) for controlling the heating element in response to temperature sensors (40, 42) to control the heating element (98) to selectively change the temperature of the hot water dispensed to the brew basket (18) during a single brew cycle. The controller (38) selectively controls the brewer (10) to brew different types of beverages, such as green tea, black tea, an different types of coffee, with dispense water at different preselected temperatures in response to a manually actuatable switch (72, 74, 76 and 78). The temperature of the dispense water may also be changed from a hotter temperature at the beginning of a brew cycle and a lower temperature during an end portion of the same brew cycle.

Efficient compound fertilizer for greening flowers and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an efficient compound fertilizer for greening flowers and a preparation method thereof. The compound fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-50 parts of human excreta, 15-25 parts of peony seed meal, 10-15 parts of coffee grounds, 20-30 parts of corn meal, 10-15 parts of peanut meal, 12-16 parts of chestnut shell, 18-24 parts of melon peel, 5-10 parts of gleditsia sinensis powder, 4-8 parts of hoof powder, 3-6 parts of illite powder, 5-10 parts of kieselguhr, 10-15 parts of alcohol waste liquid, 17-23 parts of ammonium hydrogen carbonate, 10-15 parts of ammonium sulfate, 14-18 parts of calcium dihydrogen phosphate, 3-6 parts of potassium humate, 8-16 parts of modified attapulgite, 4-6 parts of jade powder and 3-5 parts of ochre powder. The compound fertilizer is reasonable and scientific in raw material proportioning, contains nutrients required by the growth of the greening flowers, is quick in response and long and comprehensive in fertility, has high activity and long fertility of organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers, fast-acting property of inorganic fertilizers and specificity of bacterial manures, promotes the photosynthesis of plants, greatly increases the utilization rate and the fertility, can also improve the ecological environment of the flowers, inhibit diseases and insect pests of soil and improve the soil structure, and can be widely applied to fertilization management of the greening flowers.
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