Preparation technology of chlorobenzene glyceryl ether

A technology for the preparation of chlorphenesin, which is applied in the direction of ether preparation, ester reaction to prepare ether, organic compound/hydride/coordination complex catalyst, etc., can solve the problem of inability to effectively control the reaction process and obtain chlorphenesin The problems such as instability of the production rate can be solved, and the effect of easy operation, simple preparation method and improved stability can be achieved.

Active Publication Date: 2021-07-23
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Problems solved by technology

[0007] In view of the above-mentioned related technologies, the inventor believes that the synthesis process of the above-mentioned te...
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Method used

The data of comparative embodiment 9-11 and embodiment 8, and in conjunction with table 8 as known, the application is by controlling the kind of alkyl ammonium bromide, when alkyl ammonium chloride is dedecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide , octadecyltrimethylammonium bromide, and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, the interaction between fumed silica, vitamin E, and alkylammonium bromide is stronger, thereby improving the The stability of the yield, among which cetyltrimethylammonium bromide has the strongest interaction with fumed silica and vitamin E.
The data of comparative example 12 and embodiment 11, and as can be known in conjunction with table 8, the application is by using dedecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide and hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide composite, further improved The stability of the reaction between 3-chloro-1,2-propanediol and p-chlorophenol improves the stability of the yield of chlorophenesin.
The data of comparative example 13-15 and embodiment 12, and in conjunction with table 8 as can be known, the application further promotes fumed silica, vitamin E, alkylammonium bromide by controlling the specific surface area of ​​fumed silica The synergistic effect between them improves the stability of the reaction be...
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The invention relates to the field of synthesis of cosmetic additives, and particularly discloses a preparation technology of chlorobenzene glyceryl ether. 3-chloro-1, 2-propylene glycol and parachlorophenol are adopted as main raw materials, and a catalyst is added to prepare the chlorobenzene glyceryl ether. The catalyst is prepared from, by weight, 3-12 parts of fumed silica, 1-10 parts of vitamin E and 3-7 parts of alkyl ammonium bromide. According to the preparation technology, the reaction process can be effectively controlled, and the stability of the yield of the chlorobenzene glyceryl ether is improved.

Application Domain

Organic-compounds/hydrides/coordination-complexes catalystsCatalytic reactions +1

Technology Topic

Alkyl bromidePropanediol +12


  • Preparation technology of chlorobenzene glyceryl ether
  • Preparation technology of chlorobenzene glyceryl ether
  • Preparation technology of chlorobenzene glyceryl ether


  • Experimental program(10)
  • Comparison scheme(7)
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Example Embodiment

[0037] Preparation 1
[0038] A catalyst, a preparation method is: 7 g of gas phase silica, 5 g vitamin E is dispersed in 15 g of anhydrous ethanol, followed by adding 5 g of alkyl bromide stirring well, heating to 40 ° C, continuingly stirring to anhydrous ethanol complete volatile That is, the catalyst is obtained.
[0039] The alkyl bromide is ammonium tetrapropropyl bromide, and the specific surface area of ​​the gas phase silica is 350-410m. 2 / g, the vitamin E is α-tocopherol.

Example Embodiment

[0040] Preparation 2-3
[0041] Preparation Example 2-3 is based on Preparation Example 1, and the difference from Preparation Example 1 is only that the amount of raw materials is different, and Table 2 is specifically shown in Table 2.
[0042] Preparation example Preparation 1 Preparation 2 Preparation Example 3 Phase silica (g) 7 3 12 Vitamin E (g) 5 10 1 Alkyl bromide (G) 5 3 7

Example Embodiment

[0043] Preparation 4-6
[0044] Preparation Example 4-6 is based on Preparation Example 1, and the difference from the Preparation Example 1 is only in that the type of ammonium bromide used is different from the specifically shown in Table 3.
[0045] Preparation example Preparation 4 Preparation Example 5 Preparation 6 Alkyl bromide Tenalkyl trimethyl bromide Epternal alkyl trimethyl bromide Hexadalkyltrimel bromide


Specific surface area170.0 ~ 230.0m²/g

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