Extraction method and application of water lily stem cell water

A stem cell and water lily technology, which is applied in the preparation of water lily stem cell water and the application field of water lily stem cell water, can solve the problems of decolorization, introduction of polysaccharides, uncontrollable quality, etc., and achieve clear and transparent liquid, accelerated extraction speed, and fragrance full-bodied effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-07
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This method has higher extraction efficiency, but has following defect: (1) adopt squeeze method, mix with the liquid that vacuum extraction method obtains after, can bring polysaccharide, pigment and stimulating smell like this, cause anticorrosion and decol...
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The invention discloses a preparation method of water lily stem cell water, which combines a low-temperature vacuum extraction technology and an enzymolysis technology, no solvent is needed, and pure natural water lily stem cell water can be obtained at a lower temperature. The water lily stem cell water obtained by the method disclosed by the invention is high in quality, clear and transparent, contains more than 50 volatile active ingredients, has a refreshing and pleasant smell, has the effects of resisting oxidation, preserving moisture and resisting inflammation, and can be used as a green and natural raw material to be applied to the fields of foods, health-care products, medicines, cosmetics and the like.

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Cosmetic preparationsAntipyretic +8

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Stem cellBiotechnology +6


  • Extraction method and application of water lily stem cell water
  • Extraction method and application of water lily stem cell water
  • Extraction method and application of water lily stem cell water


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Example Embodiment

[0022] Example 1: not adding any solvent, the use of a reciprocating stem 50kg water lily cutter cut 2-6mm thick sheet, at 45 ℃, under a pressure of -85kPa preliminary extraction, water lilies stem cells collect liquid condensed vapor formed, extract 2.5 hours, obtain a primary extract stem cells lilies primary extract solution and residue, was added 100g 25g cellulase and pectinase, and then cell extract was added to the beginning of the primary extract the residue was extracted again at 45 ℃, under pressure conditions -90kPa, 8 hours to extract the end of the stem cells collected water lilies. Extracting the whole condensation temperature -5 ℃, stirred for 45 rev / min. Water lilies stem cells obtained clear and transparent, rich flavor, 40.1kg.

Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 2: Example 2 differs from Example 1 in that, in the initial extraction stage, temperature 35 ℃, pressure -65kPa. To give 37.9 kg of water lilies stem cells, clear and transparent, rich flavor.

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 3: Example 3 differs from the embodiment in Example 1 in that, in the initial extraction stage, temperature 55 ℃, pressure -100kPa. To give 39.2 kg of water lilies stem cells, clear and transparent, rich flavor.


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