Medicine for treating rheumatism and cold pain and its utilizing method

A drug and rheumatism technology, which is applied in the field of drugs for treating rheumatism, cold pain, and can solve problems such as damage to the spleen, stomach, liver and kidney, affecting the quality of life and quality of life of patients, and toxicity

Inactive Publication Date: 2002-02-20
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Problems solved by technology

It is mainly due to the deficiency of human body's righteousness, insufficient qi and blood, weak constitution, or overwork, climate change, alternating hot and cold, living in a cold and humid place for a long time, wading in the rain, sweating in the wind, prolonged injury and cold, postpartum flu Cold, loose muscles and interstitial spaces, weak nutrition and defense, the three evils of wind, cold and dampness take advantage of the deficiency to invade the human body, flow into the meridians, muscles and joints, block the Qi and blood in the meridians, resulting in stagnation of Qi and blood, blockage, pain, resulting in joint pain, movement Unfavorable embolism, high clinical morb...
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The present invention relates to a medicine for treating various rteumatic pain diseases including algomenorrhae, rheumatic arthritis, atrophic arthritis, osteoproliferation, omitis, sciatica, waist pain etc. It is composed of 17 traditional Chinese medicinal herbs including radix aconiti, radix aconiti kusnezoffii, herba asari, ligusticum root, borneol, camphor, rhizoma drynariae, rhizoma pinelliae, rhizoma corydalis etc. which are ground and put in bag. Certain quantity of rare earth permanent magnetic material with magnetic field strength 450-800 GS is also put in the bag. The bag containing medicine is put on infeeted part to treat the pain disease.

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Hydroxy compound active ingredientsAntipyretic +5

Technology Topic

Medicinal herbsHyperostosis +15


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Example Embodiment

[0031] Embodiment 1: take by weighing the following medicines and their parts by weight:
[0032] Raw Chuanwu 10 parts Raw Caowu 10 parts Asarum 5 parts Chuanxiong 10 parts
[0033] Tooth Soap 10 parts Borneol 3 parts Camphor 5 parts Drynaria 15 parts
[0034] 10 parts of raw Pinellia, 10 parts of raw southern star, 15 parts of sulfur, 10 parts of benzoin
[0035] Yuan Hu 10 parts White mustard seeds 15 parts Tobone grass 25 parts Black aconite 10 parts
[0036] 10 wormwood leaves
[0037] The use method is as follows: crushing the above-mentioned medicine in parts by weight, passing through an 80-mesh sieve and then bagging, and putting a certain amount of rare earth permanent magnet material in the bag to make the magnetic field strength 450-800GS. The rare earth permanent magnet material can be fixed in several pieces at different places on the inner wall of the medicine bag, or only a few pieces of permanent magnet material can be scattered in the medicine bag. When using, place the medicine bag on the affected part and heat it with an iron. The ironing appliance refers to the appliance that can be used for heating, which can be a hot water bottle, or a bag-shaped electric heating appliance that can be put into a medicine bag by covering the outer surface of the electric heating material with cotton cloth, or other heating methods. Equipment, as long as the medicine bag can be heated during treatment. The temperature during use depends on the patient's tolerance. Use twice a day for 30 minutes per treatment, with a maximum of 45 minutes.

Example Embodiment

[0038] Embodiment 2: take by weighing the following medicines and their parts by weight:
[0039] Raw Chuanwu 30 parts Raw Caowu 30 parts Asarum 10 parts Chuanxiong 30 parts
[0040] Tooth Soap 20 parts Borneol 4 parts Camphor 3 parts Drynaria 30 parts
[0041] 30 parts of raw Pinellia, 30 parts of raw southern star, 10 parts of sulfur, 5 parts of benzoin
[0042] Yuan Hu 20 parts White mustard seeds 30 parts Tobone grass 30 parts Black aconite 20 parts
[0043] 30 wormwood leaves
[0044] Using method is the same as embodiment 1.

Example Embodiment

[0045] Embodiment 3: Take the following medicines and parts by weight thereof:
[0046] 20 parts of raw Aconitum aconitum, 20 parts of Shengcaowu, 8 parts of Asarum, 20 parts of Chuanxiong
[0047] Tooth soap 10 parts borneol 3 parts camphor 4 parts drynaria 10 parts
[0048] 20 parts of raw pinellia, 20 parts of raw southern star, 20 parts of sulfur, 7 parts of benzoin
[0049] 15 parts of Yuan Hu, 10 parts of white mustard seeds, 10 parts of Sperantospermum, 30 parts of black aconite
[0050] 20 servings of mugwort leaves
[0051] Using method is the same as embodiment 1.


Magnetic field strength450.0 ~ 800.0GS
Magnetic field strength450.0 ~ 800.0Gs

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