Production method of metal compounded chromium oxide bricks

A chromium oxide brick and metal composite technology, which is applied in the field of refractory materials, can solve problems such as shortening the service life of refractory materials, affecting the service life of gasifiers, and increasing user burdens, and achieves improved thermal shock stability, excellent spalling performance, and excellent Anti-corrosion effect

Active Publication Date: 2015-06-10
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[0003] Ordinary chromium oxide bricks increase the content of chromium, the porosity is 14-16%, higher, the compressive strength: ≧100 MPa, lower, and the thermal shock resistance is stable 1100 ℃, water cooling, <5 times, generally 0-2 times; air cooling <6 times, poor, m...
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The invention discloses a production method of metal compounded chromium oxide bricks. The content of Cr2O3 in chromium oxide bricks is not less than 80%, and a coal water slurry vaporizing furnace liner material having better performances than original chromium oxide bricks is formed through adding one or more of silicon, chromium, aluminum and iron to a formula of present chromium oxide bricks and through compounding. The metal compounded chromium oxide bricks produced in the invention have the characteristics of strong thermal shock resistance, low porosity and strong coal slag corrosion resistance, can meet strict conditions of large scale formation, high pressure, high productivity and high requirements of present coal water slurry vaporizing furnaces, and prolong the service life of the whole vaporizing furnace liner.

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Coal waterAluminium +6


  • Production method of metal compounded chromium oxide bricks


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[0016] Example 1:
[0017] A method for preparing metal composite chromium oxide bricks. One or two of fused chromium oxide particles and corundum particles are used as aggregates. The mass fraction of the aggregate is 55%-80%, and the mass fraction of the matrix is 25-45%, the matrix contains fused chromium oxide fine powder, chromium oxide green, Al 2 O 3 Powder, corundum powder, zirconia powder, the mass fraction of the zirconia powder is 1-10%; then add 1% metal silicon, then mix the aggregate in the sand mixer, add 2/3 binder to mix Evenly, then add the fine powder after co-milling, mix well, finally add the remaining binder, and mix for about 5 minutes. After the material is trapped, pressed into a green body, dried, fired at 1600-1800°C, reduced or nitridated in a shuttle kiln, and then prepared.

Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 2:
[0019] A method for preparing a metal composite chromium oxide brick. On the basis of the preparation method described in Example 1, 0.5% metallic chromium is added.

Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 3:
[0021] A method for preparing a metal composite chromium oxide brick. On the basis of the preparation method described in Example 1, 0.2% metallic silicon and 0.5% metallic aluminum are added.


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