Separating and recycling method for nickel-plated copper wire

A technology for separation and recovery, nickel-plated copper, which is used in the improvement of process efficiency, the preparation of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, the petroleum industry, etc. Short, simple method, avoid the effect of metal oxidation

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-12-21
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It can be seen from the above methods that most of the recovery of copper and nickel adopts high-temperature smelting, electrolysis and other pr...
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The invention provides a separating and recycling method for a nickel-plated copper wire. The separating and recycling method comprises the steps that firstly, plastic skin on the surface layer of thenickel-plated copper wire is separated, and the plastic skin is put into a vacuum pyrolysis reaction device to be pyrolyzed; secondly, the nickel-plated copper wire of which the plastic skin is stripped is cut by a copper graining machine to be converted into nickel-plated copper grains; thirdly, the obtained nickel-plated copper grains, steel balls and medium oil are mixed according to a certainproportion and subjected to ball milling treatment, cleaning and screening are conducted by adopting alcohol, and nickel-removed copper grains and a nickel and copper powder mixture are obtained; andlastly, the nickel and copper powder mixture is put into diluted hydrochloric acid for a reaction, filtering is conducted, and a nickel chloride solution and copper powder are obtained. According tothe separating and recycling method for the nickel-plated copper wire, separating and recycling treatment is conducted in a targeted mode according to the physicochemical characteristics of the plastic skin of the nickel-plated copper wire, copper and nickel, the whole recycling process is clean and has no pollution, and the recycling rate is high.

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Liquid hydrocarbon mixture productionProcess efficiency improvement

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Powder mixtureNickel +7


  • Separating and recycling method for nickel-plated copper wire


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[0024] Example 1
[0025] Feed the nickel-plated copper wire with an inner core diameter of 2-5mm into the wire stripping machine, separate the plastic sheath on the surface of the copper-nickel-copper wire, and put the plastic sheath into a vacuum pyrolysis reactor for pyrolysis. The pyrolysis temperature is 350 ℃, the reaction pressure is 2KPa, to obtain pyrolysis oil; the copper meter machine is used to cut the nickel-plated copper wire from which the plastic skin is stripped to obtain nickel-plated copper rice with a length of 1-3cm; 1.2Kg of nickel-plated copper rice After mixing with 1kg steel balls with a diameter of 30mm and 0.05kg silicone oil, add them to a vertical agitating ball mill. The speed of the ball mill is 300r/min and the ball milling process is 30min. The nickel coating and a small amount of copper on the surface of the nickel-plated copper rice are peeled off; Take out the materials in the ball mill, clean and sieving with alcohol to obtain the nickel-free copper rice and nickel and copper powder mixture; put the nickel and copper powder mixture into 0.5mol/L dilute hydrochloric acid, stir and react for 24h, nickel and dilute hydrochloric acid The reaction produces nickel chloride, which is filtered to obtain a nickel chloride solution and copper powder.


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