Method for preparing liquid fuel by catalyzing lignin with Ni-ReOx/Al2O3

A technology for liquid fuel and lignin, which is used in the preparation of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures, the petroleum industry, and the treatment of hydrocarbon oil, etc., can solve problems such as difficult and efficient degradation and utilization, and achieve the effects of high yield, mild reaction conditions, and reduced catalytic costs.

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-07-30
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However, lignin is difficult to efficiently degrade an...
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The invention relates to a method for preparing cycloalkane liquid fuel by catalyzing lignin with Ni-ReOx/Al2O3, and particularly relates to a method for preparing cycloalkane liquid fuel by the following steps: taking Ni-ReOx/Al2O3 as a catalyst, taking water as a reaction medium and hydrodeoxidizing various model compounds such as beta-O-4, alpha-O-4, 4-O-5 and lignin raw materials. According tothe method, a one-step catalytic conversion process is carried out under a mild condition, so that the preparation of the cycloalkane liquid fuel by the hydrogenation and deoxidation of lignin is achieved, and the yield is as high as more than 85%. According to the method, renewable natural biomass is used as a raw material, and the raw material is cheap and wide in source; inorganic acid and alkali are not required to be used in the reaction process, so that the generation of a large amount of acid liquor catalyzed by traditional lignin is avoided; the reaction condition is mild, the selectivity of cycloalkane products is high, and the catalyst has the advantages of longer service life, higher reaction activity, environmental friendliness and the like. The method provides a mild depolymerization strategy for preparing the liquid fuel from renewable lignin resources, and simultaneously opens up a new way for producing the liquid fuel by a non-petroleum route.

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Liquid hydrocarbon mixture productionHydrocarbon oils treatment

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CycloalkaneChemistry +8


  • Method for preparing liquid fuel by catalyzing lignin with Ni-ReOx/Al2O3
  • Method for preparing liquid fuel by catalyzing lignin with Ni-ReOx/Al2O3
  • Method for preparing liquid fuel by catalyzing lignin with Ni-ReOx/Al2O3


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Example 1:
[0018] 200 mg of lignin model compound phenoxyethylbenzene, 20 mg of catalyst Ni-ReO x /Al 2 O 3 (1wt% Ni, 2wt% Re), 30 ml of water was added to the 100 ml reaction vessel, hydrogen was introduced to replace the gas three times, hydrogen was filled to 2.0 MPa, and the temperature was raised to 180° C. and reacted for 3 hours. After the reaction, it was cooled to room temperature, and ethyl acetate was added for extraction. The organic supernatant was obtained for chromatographic analysis. The conversion rate was 99.9%, the yield of ethyl cyclohexane was 95.7%, and the yield of cyclohexane was 85.6%.

Example Embodiment

[0019] Example 2-3
[0020] Other process conditions and experimental procedures are the same as in Example 1, but using different catalysts. The results are shown in Table 1. Table 1. Experimental results of different catalysts catalyzing lignin model compound phenoxyethylbenzene
[0022] Compared with pure Ni/Al 2 O 3 And ReO x /Al 2 O 3 When catalytically converting lignin model compounds, the substrate conversion rate, ethylcyclohexane and cyclohexane yields are all low, only when Ni and ReO x Simultaneous loading to obtain Ni-ReOx/Al 2 O 3 At this time, higher yields of ethylcyclohexane and cyclohexane were obtained, indicating that Ni and ReOx have a synergistic catalytic effect.

Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 4-8:
[0024] Other process conditions and experimental steps are the same as in Example 1, but using different starting pressures. The results are shown in Table 2.
[0025] Table 2. In different starting pressures, Ni-ReO x /Al 2 O 3 (1wt% Ni, 2wt% Re) catalytic lignin model compound phenoxyethylbenzene experimental results
[0027] As shown in Table 2, as the initial pressure increased, the yields of ethyl cyclohexane and cyclohexane increased.


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