Granite soft stone and preparation method thereof

A granite and granite coating technology, applied in covering/lining, building, building structure, etc., can solve the problems of restricting the use of diverse colors in buildings, poor flexibility of facing materials, and single color, so as to achieve simple construction, Low cost and prevent spraying from blooming

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[0007] However, in the prior art, the flexibility of the facing material is relatively poor, the color...
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The invention provides granite soft stone and a preparation method thereof. The granite soft stone is prepared from the raw materials of a textile material, a granite coating and a surface treatment material; the textile material is at least one of nylon and fiber; the granite coating is prepared from the following components in percentage by mass: 20%-50% of polymer emulsion, 0.5%-1% of an inorganic auxiliary agent, 0.5%-1% of an organic auxiliary agent, 5%-30% of main filler, 30%-50% of sand, 5%-10% of other functional materials and 5%-10% of colorful protective rubber; the surface treatment material is prepared from the components in percentage by mass: 30%-80% of polymerization emulsion, 5%-10% of an organic additive and 2%-10% of functional materials. The preparation method is simple in operation, and the prepared product is light, flexible, waterproof and low in cost, has the texture and texture of a ceramic tile and marble, can replace an existing wall decoration material, can be used in many scenes, and is large in market prospects.

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[0052] The present invention also relates to a preparation method of the above-mentioned soft granite stone. The preparation method steps are as follows:
[0053] (1) Pretreatment of textile materials: Mix the pretreatment materials, mix them evenly, and then apply pressure on the textile materials. The application pressure is carried out by injecting into a specific mold and leveling by an injection machine, and manually smoothing if necessary;
[0054] (2) Drying: Pass the textile material with the slurry through the drying tunnel for a short time at 50-100°C for 10-25 minutes, then place it on a drying rack and dry it until it is dehydrated;
[0055] (3) Forming: After drying on a drying rack, it is trimmed to form a formed semi-stone;
[0056] (4) Spraying granite paint: the formed semi-stone is put into the finishing sprayer to spray the granite paint;
[0057] (5) Drying: After spraying, transfer to the drying rack to dry;
[0058] (6) Spray surface treatment materials: spray surface treatment materials after molding and drying in various colors;
[0059] (7) Dry again: After spraying, transfer to the drying rack to dry, and get semi-finished products;
[0060] (8) Stamping: The semi-finished products are punched into specifications and sizes through a punching machine;
[0061] (9) Laminating: After punching, the finishing coating is covered with a film for protection, and the finished soft granite stone can be obtained.
[0062] The construction method of the granite soft stone of the present invention has the following steps:
[0063] (1) Clean the base layer of the wall;
[0064] (2) Use cement, quartz sand, polymer binder, and water to prepare a bonding paste. The amount of water added is preferably 10-40% of the weight of the bonding paste, and the amount of the polymer binder is preferably bonding 10-20% of the pulp weight.
[0065] (3) Apply the bonding paste to the base layer of the wall; the thickness of the application is preferably 1-3 mm. The thickness is significantly thinner than the thickness of the common adhesive in the field, because the soft granite stone of the present invention has excellent lightness, so that a thinner adhesive thickness can achieve firm adhesion.
[0066] (4) Press and stick the soft granite stone on the bonding grout.
[0067] (5) Before the initial setting of the flexible bonding slurry, use a brush to brush the joints of the facing bricks, brush off the excess flexible bonding slurry in the soft stone joints or conceal it in the peripheral joints of the soft stone.

Example Embodiment

[0069] Example
[0070] Granite coating preparation
[0071] 1. Various raw materials for granite coating are prepared into protective glue, base material and basic paint:
[0072] 1. Prepare 1000KG protective glue:
[0073] Protective glue 10~100KG; preservative 2KG; water balance;
[0074] 2. Prepare 500KG base material:
[0075] Multifunctional additives 1KG; antiseptic 1KG; antifreeze 10~15KG; film forming aid 10~20KG; polymer emulsion 250~370KG; thickener 6KG; defoamer 0.5KG; water balance;
[0076] 3. Prepare 1000KG basic paint:
[0077] Preservative 2~5KG; Dispersant 1~5KG; Cellulose 5~15KG; Antifreeze 8~15KG; Film forming aid 8~20KG; Defoamer 2~5KG; Titanium dioxide 0~50KG; Kaolin 0~150KG; Functional materials 10~25KG; multifunctional additives 1~2KG; protective liquid 0~150KG; elastic emulsion 100~200KG; rigid emulsion 100~150KG; defoamer 2~5KG; thickener 3~5KG; 90 mesh sand 200 ~800KG, water balance.
[0078] 2. Mix the following weights of protective glue, base material and base paint to obtain 1000Kg of granite paint: protective glue 100~~150KG; base material 200~350KG; basic paint (coloring) 400~~600KG; water 0 ~~100KG.
[0079] Finally, the soft granite stone is prepared according to the steps described in the method for preparing soft granite stone.
[0080] The present invention is mainly aimed at the existing wall decoration system. Compared with the traditional external wall decoration system of ceramic tiles and marble, it is self-important. It is easy to fall and hurt people, it is expensive, not energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the country has explicitly prohibited its use in high-rise buildings. Other shortcomings, the product of the present invention has the advantages of small weight, various colors, simple production, low price, environmental protection, energy saving, waterproof and other properties; at the same time, it has flexibility that ceramic tiles and marble do not have, and can be used for pasting on any part.
[0081] In addition, compared to the pure use of exterior wall paint to spray the wall, since the product of the present invention uses textile materials as the base material, the finished product is made by mechanical automatic spraying in the factory, which can prevent on-site problems such as paint spraying and blooming; Spraying the wall surface is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the product of the present invention can be directly pasted on the outer wall, which has more convenient construction, that is, just stick the joint like a tile.
[0082] In short, compared with existing similar facing materials, the product of the present invention is lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and low in cost. It also has the texture and texture of ceramic tiles and marble, and has many usage scenarios, which can replace the existing wall decoration materials. , Has a very large market prospects.


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