A bare copper tinning process

A technology of tin plating and process, applied in the direction of hot-dip plating process, metal material coating process, coating, etc., can solve problems such as unreasonable, poor precision, affecting the effect and output of tin plating of products

Active Publication Date: 2021-11-30
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Problems solved by technology

At present, the process design of bare copper tinning is unreasonable and t...
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Method used

The copper wire that comes out from baking oven 6 passes through the inlet hole 8 on the wire inlet frame 5, because adjusting shaft 7 is connected and fixed with spring bar 11, guarantees certain tension force, utilizes sleeve pipe 10 position-limiting, then passes through successively The ceramic groove 34 and the eye mold hole 43 are tinned in the tin plating heating pool 1. In order to...
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The invention discloses a bare copper tinning process, which comprises the following steps: step 1: pull the hard wire of the bus bar; step 2: send the drawn copper wire in the step 1 into the tension net of the pay-off cover; step 3: withdraw Furnace annealing; Step 4: The water temperature of the water tank and water tank is kept at 40-60°C, and the water temperature must be raised to above 40°C before starting up, wherein the rust remover is added in the water tank; before starting up the annealing furnace. Step 5: Set up the first flowing cotton cloth, silicone skin and six flowing cotton cloths in sequence; Step 6: Oven; Step 7: Flux pickling tank; Step 8: Tin furnace tinning: set tinning heating pool ; Step 9: Roller drawing; Step 10: Wire arranging guide wheel and wire table to take up and take up the wire. The tinning effect of the copper wire of the invention is good, the structure is stable, and the output is high.

Application Domain

Hot-dipping/immersion processes

Technology Topic

Cotton clothCopper wire +9


  • A bare copper tinning process
  • A bare copper tinning process
  • A bare copper tinning process


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Example Embodiment

[0033] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments. It should be understood that the following specific embodiments are only used to illustrate the present invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the present invention. It should be noted that the words "front", "rear", "left", "right", "upper" and "lower" used in the following description refer to the directions in the drawings, and the words "inner" and "outer ” refer to directions towards or away from the geometric center of a particular part, respectively.
[0034] like figure 1 Shown is 1, a kind of bare copper tin plating process, it is characterized in that, comprises the following steps:
[0035] Step 1: Pull the busbar; put the busbar roll into the wire drawing machine to pull and feed the wire;
[0036] Step 2: Put the drawn copper wire in step 1 into the tension net of the pay-off cover, and use the gray cloth to block the dust;
[0037] Step 3: Annealing in the annealing furnace; the annealing furnace is set on the top of the tension net pay-off frame of the pay-off cover
[0038] Step 4: Water tank, the water level of the water tank is required to completely submerge the bottom port of the annealing furnace, the water temperature of the water tank is kept at 40-60°C, and the water temperature must be raised above 40°C before starting up, and the rust remover is added in the water tank; pure water or industrial soft water.


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