Safety protection system for air separation

A technology of safety protection and air separation, applied in the direction of measuring devices, instruments, etc., can solve problems such as safe operation and emergency prevention hidden dangers, suffocation accidents, leakage and diffusion of storage tanks, etc., and achieve the effect of timely emergency response

Pending Publication Date: 2021-07-30
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[0002] In addition to pipeline transportation of chemicals, modern chemical production enterprises store the produced chemicals in various storage tanks. Since the chemicals are relatively concentrated in the storage tanks, their storage is safe and may bring The risk of leakage in the future has attracted more and more attention. The leakage and spread of storage tanks may not only affect the inside of the production enterprise, but may also spread to surrounding communities and enterprises. How to evaluate and prevent the spread of leakage of storage tanks, There are no relevant standards for the design of emergency measures and material preparations that the enterprise should take in various situations, and the designers have no relevant basis for how to prevent the leakage design of the storage tank in the surrounding area, which is for the safe operation and emergency response of the enterprise. To prevent some hidden dangers, the impact on the surrounding area and the notification and forecast, and to avoid the expansion of the situation all require diffusion ...
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The invention relates to a safety protection system for air separation. The system comprises a storage tank area comprising an upper computer and a lower computer for controlling the storage tank area, wherein a sensor group in the storage tank area transmits acquired corresponding parameters to a data acquisition unit through a pressure transmitter, the data acquisition unit uploads acquired data to the upper computer through a server, the upper computer sends a control instruction to the lower computer through the data collector according to the corresponding data, and the lower computer controls the storage tank area to make adjustment. According to the safety protection system provided by the invention, a safety coefficient of the storage tank area is improved, the possibility of accidents in the storage tank area is reduced, and purposes of hidden danger investigation and treatment are achieved.

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Measurement devices

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  • Safety protection system for air separation
  • Safety protection system for air separation


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Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 1
[0031] Combine figure 1 and figure 2 A safety protection system for space division, including the storage tank region 5, including the host computer 1 and the lower aircraft 4 of the control tank region 5, the sensor set 6 in the storage tank region 5 will be collected The parameter is transmitted to the data collector 3 through the pressure transmitter 7, the data collector 3 to upload the acquired data over the server 2 to the host computer 1, the host computer 1, according to the corresponding data, to control the instructions through the data collector 3 Send the next machine 4, the lower machine 4 controls the adjustment of the tank region 5.
[0032] Data judgment and processing by the pressure transmitter and the data collector real time, data judgment and processing by the host computer, when the indicator reaches its specified limit, the host computer controls the lower computer automatically issues a control command. The corresponding processing apparatus is adjusted, continued to monitor, if the processing device parameter adjustment invalid, when the abnormal data exceeds the threshold specified by the server, the alarm device is triggered.
[0033] The server 2 includes a sensor group management module 23, a data management module 26, and alarm module 25 that judges and processes the data collected by the data collector through the server. When the host computer determines the data exceeds the set threshold. When the alarm module is triggered, the server 2 further includes a real-time display module 21 for displaying data and a stress analysis module 22 for stress analysis in the storage tank region 5, and the server is integrated into various storage materials. The calculation model of the spill, the display module is used to display the data acquisition module and the pressure transmitter transferred in real time, and the stress analysis module is displayed in the storage tank area in real time data and curves in a real-time data and curves. The data collected by the fiber grating strain sensor on each tank is analyzed, and the stress change of the storage tank itself is monitored, and the storage tank is maintained in time.
[0034]The sensor group 6 includes a flame sensor 65 for detecting a storage tank region 5 operating environment, a gas sensor 64 for detecting gas concentration in the storage tank region 5 and various storage tanks for detecting the storage tank zone 5. The internal pressure, temperature and liquid level pressure sensor 63, temperature sensor 62, and liquid level sensor 61, to facilitate real-time monitoring and calling of various physical quantities in the storage tank area, and set corresponding detection in plant and office spaces. The alarm, according to the nature and leakage amount of the storage substance, set a secondary interlock alarm, where the first level alarm threshold is not higher than 19.5%, the second-level alarm threshold is not higher than 14%, and the alarm signal is transmitted through the server to The upper computer.

Example Embodiment

[0035] Example 2
[0036] On the basis of Example 1, during long-term operation, due to the filling and extraction of the internal gas, it will inevitably varying degrees of deformation. When the storage tank changes to a certain extent, the storage tank stress centralized region. The cracking machine rate will greatly increase, and the risk of leakage will also be increased, and the fiber grating strain sensor 27 is mounted on the tank, and the stress of the various storage tanks in the storage tank region is used, the fiber grating strain. The sensor 27 is connected to the demodulator by a single mode fiber, the optical fiber grating strain sensor 27 transmits the received strain signal to the demodulator via the optical cable, the demodulator demodulating the wavelength offset after transmitting to the host computer 1.
[0037] When filled with liquid in the tank, the side wall of the tank belongs to the internal liquid pressure P is:
[0038] P = ρg (h 0 -H), where ρ is the density of liquid in the tank (kg / m 3 ), H 0 For the vertical height (m) of the tank bottom plate to the inner cover, H is the vertical height (m) of the measuring point to the bottom plate of the tank.
[0039] According to the elastic modulus of the storage tank material and the monitoring of the fiber grating sensor, the stress analysis module analyzes the height of the sticker, which provides a basis for the stress alarm value of the storage tank.

Example Embodiment

[0040] Example 3
[0041] On the basis of Example 1, the liquid material in the tank area is accompanied by flash phenomena, and some liquid substances are converted into steam suspended in the air, forming a mixed and heavy weather, with further Hypertrophic evaporation, cloud group transforms into material gaseous and air mixed gas cloud group, forms a neutral gas cloud group, so the determination of the liquid-continuous leak rate Q in the storage tank in the server is as follows:
[0042] Q = s · p · {k · m · [2 / (k + 1)] (k+1)/(k-1) / RT} 1/2;
[0043] Where S is the disclosure area (m2), P is the pressure (PA) in the tank, and m is the molecular weight (kg / ml) of the corresponding gas, k is the insulation index, T is the absolute temperature (K) of the corresponding gas (K), R is R is Gas constant, T is the absolute temperature of the gas.
[0044] During the leak, the pressure and the density of the corresponding liquid substance corresponding to the increase in the amount of the leakage, and the density and pressure set in the storage tank unchanged, for the formation of a mixed and heavy cloud group. The disclosed gas concentration W is calculated:
[0045] W = q · eXP [-y 2 / (2σ) y 2 ] · {Exp [- (Z-H) 2 / (2σ) x 2 )] + EXP [- (z + H) 2 / (2σ) y 2 )]} / (2π · σ x · Σ y Α);
[0046] Where Q is a continuous leak rate (mg / m 3 ), Α is wind speed (m / s), σ x Diffusion coefficient (m) in the X direction, σ y The diffusion coefficient (m) in the Y direction, Z is the height (m) of the measured (m), and H is an effective source (m).
[0047] In a certain time t, the probability of the leakage of a certain concentration C is affected: y = a + bln (c n · T); where A, B and N are constants associated with the leakage, C is the leak concentration of the outer leak, and T is the time of leakage leakage, thereby analyzing the center of the storage tank region. The probability of leakage causes damage to the surroundings, thereby making corresponding rectifications for isolation of the storage tank zone.


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