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Fuel level sensor

A fuel level sensor for sensing and monitoring the level of remaining fluid in a container such as a fuel tank for a motorized vehicle is disclosed. The fuel level sensor incorporates an improved float and pivot arm member attached to a hub that rotates about a pivot base. The conventional resistor card technology, commonly found in automotive applications for translating the position of the float into an electrical signal, is replaced by a more reliable non-contact magnetic flux sensing circuit. The fuel level sensor incorporates a magnetic sensor and magnetic circuit in a commonly known and practiced rotational position sensor configuration for determining the angular position of a hub relative to its pivot base, where the hub is attached to a conventional float-arm member and the base remains stationary relative to the fuel container. The preferred embodiment includes a magnetic flux sensor positioned between two movable magnets. The magnetic flux sensing element is a Hall effect integrated circuit, magnetoresistor, magnetodiode, magnetotransistor, or similar magnetic flux sensing element with associated electronic circuitry having adjustable or programmable features including ratiometry, gain, offset voltage, temperature coefficient, and output signal range limiting. Critical electronic components are hermetically sealed making the fuel level sensor fully submersible in fuel for long term fuel exposure.

Apparatus and method for detecting the displacement

An apparatus for detecting the displacement of a magnet is to be provided. The errors on the detected value due to the variation of temperature or that with time are hardly caused in the apparatus. The apparatus can detect the displacement in high resolution and precision. The apparatus is simple in its structure, and it can be expected that the apparatus can be manufactured in low cost. The apparatus is not limited in its application by the range of the displacement of the magnet. Further, a method for detecting the displacement of a magnet will be provided. An apparatus for detecting the displacement of a magnet M, the apparatus being characterized in that it further comprises a plurality of hall devices H0-H7 disposed in a predetermined spacing DP along a displacing path of the magnet in parallel thereto, wherein each of said hall devices includes a magnetically sensitive surface HS through which a magnetic flux from said magnet M permeate to generate an output the polarity and the voltage of which are depend on the direction and the density of the magnetic flux, and said magnetically sensitive surface HS of each hall device is disposed in a predetermined distance from the displacing path of the magnet M in parallel with the direction defined by the magnetic poles, and wherein two adjacent hall devices inverted in the polarity of their output voltages are detected to determine the general position of the magnet, and the precise position of the magnet between these two hall devices is determined on the basis of the output voltages.

Reed switch induction soft wood floater water shortage detecting mechanism with medicine bag

The invention discloses a reed switch induction soft wood floater water shortage detecting mechanism with a medicine bag. The mechanism comprises a sleeve, a floater, a plurality of limiting grids, a limiting column, a limiting groove, a permanent magnet sheet, a reed switch, a detecting alarm circuit, a medicine bin cover, a through hole and the medicine bag, The upper limiting grid and the lower limiting grid are arranged in the sleeve. The floater is arranged in the sleeve and between the two limiting grids. The limiting column is arranged at the front end of the floater. The limiting groove matched with the limiting column is formed in the inner wall of the sleeve. The permanent magnet sheet is embedded in the rear end of the floater. The reed switch corresponding to the permanent magnet sheet is embedded in the wall of the sleeve. The reed switch is connected with the detecting alarm circuit. A detachably-connected medicine bin is arranged at the upper end of the sleeve. The medicine bin cover, the upper limiting grid and the sleeve are matched with one another to form the medicine bin. The medicine bag is arranged in the medicine bin and filled with traditional Chinese medicines of a health care formula. Compared with the prior art, the mechanism has the advantages of being high in applicability, easy to operate and low in cost, being made from natural materials, and having certain antibacterial and health-care effects.
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