Environmental protection type plate material and its processing method

A processing method and environmentally friendly technology, applied in the fields of construction and decorative materials, can solve the problems of flammability, easy aging of plastic materials, non-compliance with environmental protection requirements, etc., and achieve the effect of high impact strength and wide application range.

Inactive Publication Date: 2006-03-29
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However, because the use of wood does not meet environmental protection requirements, and wood materials have disadvantages such as flammability and insects, they are now being replaced by other d...
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Method used

[0019] Finally, the formed sheet is trimmed, that is, t...
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An environment protection type plate used as building material and decorative material is proportionally prepared from aluminium oxide or aluminium hydroxide or FeO2, rankinite and resin through mixing, stirring, moulding and demoulding. Its advantages are high impact strength, high resistance to fire, water and high temp, and high machinability.

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Building materialHigh resistance +6


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The present invention is based on alumina or aluminum hydroxide or iron dioxide, mixed with silicalite and resin, and then demolded and molded. The composition of the raw materials is: base material: 30-40%, silicalite: 30 ~40%, resin: 30~40%. During the production, base materials of different components are selected according to the needs. When alumina is used as the base material, the final product is opaque. When aluminum hydroxide or iron dioxide is used as the base material, the final product is transparent
[0010] In the present invention, the perovskite can use one or more of calcium silicate, titanium dioxide, white crystal powder, talc, and other materials.
[0011] The said resin is an unsaturated epoxy resin, such as resin for processing sanitary products, button resin, agate and so on.
[0012] Pigment is added to the material, and the pigment is a copolymer of xylene amine and dibutyl ester.
[0013] The following is a production method of a preferred embodiment of the present invention:
[0014] First, mix and stir according to the base material: 33.3%, silicalite: 33.3%, and resin: 33.3%. The base material is aluminum hydroxide, the silicalite is white crystal powder, and the resin is button resin.
[0015] Secondly, the mixed raw materials after stirring are filtered, the filtered mixture is allowed to stand for 3 to 5 hours, the curing agent is added, and the mixture is stirred to reach a uniform state, and a thick substance is obtained. Among them, the curing agent adopts a modified aliphatic amine curing agent, such as β-hydroxyethyl ethylenediamine, an adduct of ethylenediamine and cyclotrophic ethane. Products using this curing agent meet environmental protection requirements.
[0016] Next, add a pigment, which is a copolymer of xylene amine and dibutyl ester, into the thick material, and then stir;
[0017] Then, add an accelerator to the thick material after adding the pigment, stir evenly, and perform vacuum treatment to eliminate bubbles in the thick material. The accelerator selects modified fatty amine accelerators, such as cobalt octoate and cobalt naphthenate, dimethylaniline and diethylaniline.
[0018] Once again, pour the above-mentioned thick material into the mold, and blow the amount of the surface layer than the color by the air dispersion method (that is, blow the surface of the thick material by air flow), and wait for it to polymerize and shape, so that the formed product will be Different lines will appear, and this line will not fade.
[0019] Finally, the formed plate is trimmed, that is, the product is further processed to eliminate its burrs.
[0020] In the above process, the pigment is added to the thick material, and the temperature-sensitive material or photosensitive material is also added. In this way, the finally obtained board has the function of changing the color with temperature or light intensity. The temperature-sensitive material can be a methacrylic acid ester copolymer, which can be a heat-releasing luminescent substance such as alkali metal sulfide and a metal halide or a heat-releasing luminescent liquid; and the temperature-sensitive material can be a UV curable substance.
[0021] The invention has the advantages of flame retardancy, water resistance, heat resistance, no radiation, high impact strength and the like. At the same time, the pattern formed by a special process will not fall off or fade due to abrasion or grinding. In addition, the present invention can be machined such as planing, drilling, sawing, nailing and the like.


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