High-viscosity heat-resistant film

A high-viscosity, heat-resistant technology, applied in the direction of polymer adhesive additives, adhesives, inorganic adhesives, etc., can solve the problems of high heat dissipation requirements, small size, and high price of electronic components, and achieve good antistatic ability , Strong adhesive force, good impact resistance effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-01-18
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Problems solved by technology

This leads to shrinking volume and stronger functions, which directly leads to higher and higher heat dissipation requirements of electronic components.
However, the fan type heat dissipation used in the past was gradually eliminated by the market due to its large size and noise.
In turn, other heat dissipation materials have been produced, such as copper foil and aluminum foil heat dissipation. However, due to limited resources and high prices, the heat dissipati...
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The invention relates to a high-viscosity heat-resistant film. The high-viscosity heat-resistant film comprises an adhesive layer and a coating film, wherein the coating film comprises a modified PETfilm; and the adhesive layer comprises nanometer silica gel, an adhesive, polypropylene fiber/polylactic acid fiber/bionic fiber/mixed fiber, graphite powder, an emulsifying agent and absolute ethanol. The high-viscosity heat-resistant film mainly comprises the coating film and the adhesive layer in a macrostructure, and the adhesive layer comprises the nanometer silica gel, the adhesive, the polypropylene fiber/polylactic acid fiber/bionic fiber/mixed fiber, the graphite powder, the emulsifying agent and the absolute ethanol as main components; the high-viscosity heat-resistant film has relatively strong viscosity, is not directly adhered during adhesion, is slowly adhered to the surface of an object after a period of time after adhesion, has a large adhesive force and does not fall off;the high-viscosity heat-resistant film further has high heat resistance, a substance in the adhesive layer has relatively strong heat resistance, and the morphological change of the substance after being heated is not caused; and then, due to addition of the graphite powder into the adhesive, the high-viscosity heat-resistant film further has high antistatic ability.

Application Domain

Film/foil adhesivesMacromolecular adhesive additives +2

Technology Topic

ChemistryPolylactic acid +10


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Example Embodiment

[0032] Examples:
[0033] A high-viscosity and heat-resistant film, including an adhesive layer and a film. The material used for the film is modified PET film, and the modified PET film includes PET masterbatch, polypropylene fiber, nano silicon gel, potassium base Silicate/lithium-based silicate/silicate mixture, acrylic monomer; adhesive layer includes nano silicone gel, adhesive, polypropylene fiber/polylactic acid fiber/biomimetic fiber/hybrid fiber, graphite powder, emulsification Adhesive agent, absolute ethanol, and adhesive using double-layer alginate-polyacrylamide.
[0034] The bionic fibers can be cellulose fibers, cellulose ester fibers, regenerated plant protein fibers, seaweed fibers, regenerated animal protein fibers, chitin fibers, chitosan fibers, polyhydroxy fatty acid ester fibers, spider silk fibers, and silk fibers.
[0035] In Example 1 to Example 5, the composition of each material in the coating film and the adhesive layer is the same, but the specific content of the material is different, as shown in Table 1 and Table 2 below;
[0036] Table 1:
[0038] Table 2:


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