Lamiophlomis rotata extract nano preparation and preparation method thereof

A nano-preparation and unique technology, applied in the direction of anti-inflammatory agents, drug combinations, pharmaceutical formulations, etc., can solve the problems of low bioavailability, limited clinical development, poor oral absorption, etc., achieve simple preparation methods, increase chemical and physical Stability, Effects of Increased Dissolution Rate and Solubility

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-04-28
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For fat-soluble components such as shanzhiside methyl ester and 8-O-acetyl shanzhiside methyl ester, which have good hemostatic, blood-promoting and analgesic effects, although they have sho...
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The invention discloses a preparation method of a lamiophlomis rotata extract nano dry suspension. According to the method, a lamiophlomis rotata extract is adopted as a raw material, lecithin, glyceride and poloxamer are adopted as drug carrying matrixes, the raw material medicine is mixed with the matrixes to form an oil phase and an oil-in-water phase, ultrasonic emulsification by a probe is carried out to obtain a nano mixed suspension, a dry-freezing agent is added to conduct dry freezing, and thus the lamiophlomis rotata extract nano dry suspension is prepared. The lamiophlomis rotata extract nano dry suspension prepared by using the method has a particle size of 40-180nm, has a large drug loading capacity, meanwhile, is remarkably improved in solubility and bioavailability of a hydrophobic drug terpene extract, stops bleeding and relieves pain and is definite in treatment effect.

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  • Lamiophlomis rotata extract nano preparation and preparation method thereof
  • Lamiophlomis rotata extract nano preparation and preparation method thereof
  • Lamiophlomis rotata extract nano preparation and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 1
[0028] A nano-preparation of Duyiwei extract is composed of the following weight components: 3 parts of Duyiwei extract, 9 parts of lecithin, 7 parts of glycerides, 2 parts of poloxamer, and 2 parts of freeze-dried protective agent.
[0029] The preparation of Duyiwei extract nano preparation includes the following steps:
[0030] 1) Take 1kg of unique flavor, pulverize, pass through a 150-mesh sieve, and use ethyl acetate as the solvent for subcritical extraction. The liquid-to-material ratio is 1g:2ml, the subcritical extraction temperature is 30°C, the extraction time is 80min, and the extraction pressure is 20MPa. Concentrate under reduced pressure to remove ethyl acetate to obtain a unique flavor extract;
[0031] 2) Add 0.70g of glycerol monostearate and 0.90g of soy lecithin to 400ml of ethyl acetate. After all of them are dissolved, add 0.30g of the unique flavor extract, dissolve uniformly by ultrasound, and obtain the unique flavor extract oil phase ;
[0032] 3) Add the oil phase prepared in step 2 to 1200ml aqueous solution containing 0.20g poloxamer, remove ethyl acetate, stir magnetically for 1h in a water bath at a temperature of 80℃, and then use ultrasonic cell pulverizer probe to sonicate and cool Then, filter to obtain the unique extract nano-suspension;
[0033] 4) Add 0.20 g of mannitol to the solid liposome nano-suspension of the unique flavor extract prepared in step 3, and freeze-dry to obtain the unique flavor extract nano-dry suspension.


Particle size40.0 ~ 80.0nm

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