Biodegradable agricultural plastic mulching film loaded with sophocarpidine and preparation method thereof

A biodegradable, agricultural mulching film technology, applied in the agricultural field, can solve the problems of excessive pesticide content, human and animal poisoning, life-threatening and health-threatening, etc., and achieve the effects of low cost, improved extraction rate, and increased insecticidal activity.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-07-28
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Extensive use of highly toxic and high-residue broad-spectrum chemical pesticides not only seriously exceeds the standard of pesticides ...
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The invention discloses a biodegradable agricultural plastic mulching film loaded with sophocarpidine, which is characterized by being prepared by, firstly, extracting and separating sophocarpidine by a joint technology of ultrasound extraction and microwave extraction and trichloromethane extraction; under the catalyst of ammonium persulfate, grafting acrylic ester on starch; at last, using starch and acrylic ester grafted starch as film-forming agent through and flow-casting and film-forming method, and acquiring the biodegradable agricultural plastic mulching film loaded with sophocarpidine. The biodegradable agricultural plastic mulching film loaded with sophocarpidine can kill insects in the soil and well keep soil moisture; the residual mulching film can be completely degraded and cannot pollute environment; moreover, the cost is low.

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[0017] The biodegradable matrine-loaded agricultural mulch film of this embodiment is prepared from the following parts by weight of raw materials: 30 parts of Sophora flavescens, 8 parts of star anise, 6 parts of cinnamon leaves, 15 parts of butyl acrylate, and ammonium persulfate 4 parts, 50 parts of corn starch, 220 parts of toluene, 180 parts of wheat starch, 12 parts of lignocellulose, 8 parts of sorbitol acetate, 20 parts of medical stone, 4 parts of sodium caseinate, 25 parts of glycerin, 75% Proper amount of ethanol aqueous solution, proper amount of hydrochloric acid aqueous solution, proper amount of chloroform, proper amount of deionized water.
[0018] The biodegradable matrine-loaded agricultural mulch film of this embodiment is prepared by the following steps:
[0019] (1) Wash Sophora flavescens, star anise, and cinnamon leaves with deionized water for 3 times, and air dry; crush and grind for 60 minutes, and pass through a 100 mesh sieve to obtain a particle mixture; the particle mixture is ultrasonically extracted with 75% ethanol aqueous solution for 2-3 times, The conditions of each ultrasonic extraction are: the material-to-liquid ratio is 7, the ultrasonic extraction temperature is 60°C, the ultrasonic power is 400W, and the ultrasonic extraction time is 30min; filter, collect the filtrate, combine the filtrate, and distill the filtrate under reduced pressure at 70°C to recover ethanol. The distillate is ready for use;
[0020] (2) The filter cake was microwaved for 4 times with hydrochloric acid aqueous solution. The conditions for each microwave extraction were: PH 3, material-to-liquid ratio 10, microwave power 550w, radiation time 25min, filter, collect the filtrate, and combine the filtrate with Combine the distillates of step (1), concentrate under reduced pressure to reduce the liquid volume by 2/3; adjust the pH to 11, and extract 3 times with chloroform. The conditions for each extraction are: the volume ratio of the water phase to the organic phase is 4 :1. Combine the organic phases and recover chloroform through 60°C vacuum distillation to obtain matrine crude oil;
[0021] (3) After mixing butyl acrylate and ammonium persulfate evenly, add corn starch and continue to mix and stir for 40 minutes, then add toluene and continue to mix and stir to obtain a mixture; put the mixture in an ultrasonic vibration reactor for ultrasonic vibration , The ultrasonic vibration temperature is 75℃, the ultrasonic power is 450W, the ultrasonic vibration is 3h, and it is dried in a vacuum drying oven at 100℃ for 10h to obtain acrylic grafted starch;
[0022] (4) Add wheat starch, acrylic ester grafted starch, and lignocellulose into water equivalent to 12 times the weight of wheat starch, and ultrasonically disperse for 30 minutes; add sorbitol acetate, medical stone, and sodium caseinate at 80°C Gelatinize for 60 minutes and mechanically stir; add a solution of glycerin and matrine crude oil and a 75% ethanol aqueous solution equivalent to 6 times the weight of matrine crude oil, and continue to stir at 95°C for 2 hours, cast on a glass plate, and stand still After 20 minutes, it was dried at 85°C for 4 hours, cooled to room temperature, and the film was removed to obtain a biodegradable matrine-loaded agricultural mulch film.
[0023] The concentration of the hydrochloric acid aqueous solution in this embodiment is 3 mol/L.
[0024] The medical stone of this embodiment has been pulverized and ground into 250 mesh particles in advance.


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