Nutritious health care food and preparation prlcess thereof

A health food and nutrition technology, applied in the field of nutritious food, can solve problems such as small side effects and impact on human health, and achieve the effect of improving sexual ability, improving human health, and easy operation of the process.

Inactive Publication Date: 2004-03-24
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[0002] With the development of the economy, people's pace of life is accelerating, and the tense life and environmental pollution seriously affect human health, especially the weakness of various organs causes various dis...
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The present invention relates to a nutrient health-care food with the functions of regulating physiological function of human body, raising immunity of human body, nourishing yin and strengthening yang and quickly raising sexual function. Said nutrient health-care food is made up by using velvet deerhorn, ginseng, epimedium, dioscorea root, lycium berry, flowery knotweed, morinda root and Chinese leak seed.

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  • Nutritious health care food and preparation prlcess thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0040] Example 1
[0041] Nutritional health food is prepared by using the following raw materials in the following proportions by weight:
[0042] Red deer antler 15g Ginseng 15g
[0043] Epimedium 75g Huai Yam 20g
[0044] Wolfberry 10g, Polygonum multiflorum 10g
[0045] Morinda officinalis 10g, leek seeds 50g;
[0046] Specific preparation method:
[0047] The first step, material selection: manual selection of raw materials.
[0048] The second step, drying: vacuum-drying the raw materials red deer antler, ginseng, and Huai yam respectively until the water content is less than 10%.
[0049] The third step, pulverization: the dried raw materials are subjected to sterilization inspection, and then pulverized into fine powder below 120 mesh; the epimedium is coarsely pulverized for use.
[0050] The fourth step, extraction and concentration: (1) water extraction: the Epimedium after the rough pulverization is soaked in water for 48 hours, filtered and refluxed twice with water for 2 hours each time, and the extract is concentrated and spray-dried to powder;
[0051] (2) Alcohol extraction: Mix the four raw materials of Lycium barbarum, Morinda officinalis, leek seeds, and Polygonum multiflorum, add 8 to 10 times the weight of 60% ethanol, and soak for 24 hours. Concentrate.
[0052] The fifth step, ingredients: add Huai yam fine powder to the alcohol extract, stir to form an extract, dry at 80°C, pulverize into 120-mesh fine powder, and then add the rest of the raw materials and stir evenly.
[0053] The sixth step, preparation packaging: compress the raw material mixture into tablets, each tablet is 0.35-0.5 g, and package.
[0054] The content of each component in the prepared nutritional health food is:
[0055] Red Deer Antler 14g Ginseng 14g
[0056] Epimedium 15g, Huai Yam 19g
[0057]Wolfberry 2g, Polygonum multiflorum 2g
[0058] Morinda officinalis 2g, leek seeds 10g.

Example Embodiment

[0059] Example 2:
[0060] According to the preparation method described in Example 1, the nutraceutical food is prepared, and the specific formula of the raw material is as follows:
[0061] Red deer antler 30g Ginseng 20g
[0062] Huai Yam 60g Cynomorium 25g
[0063] Epimedium 180g White Peony 24g
[0064] Morinda officinalis 20g wolfberry fruit 20g
[0065] Cistanche 25g Chive Seeds 100g
[0066] Salvia 15g Panax 20g
[0067] Polygonum multiflorum 20g Centipede 3g
[0068] The content of each component in the final product is:
[0069] Red deer antler 28g Ginseng 19g
[0070] Huai Yam 58g Cynomorium 5g
[0071] Epimedium 35g White Peony 4.5g
[0072] Morinda officinalis 4g wolfberry fruit 4g
[0073] Cistanche 5g, leek seeds 20g
[0074] Salvia 3g Panax 19g
[0075] Polygonum multiflorum 4g centipede 0.6g.

Example Embodiment

[0076] Example 3
[0077] According to the preparation method described in Example 1, the nutraceutical food is prepared, and the specific formula of the raw material is as follows:
[0078] Red deer antler 2kg Ginseng 1.5kg
[0079] Huai Yam 2kg Cynomorium 0.5kg
[0080] Epimedium 10kg White Peony 0.5kg
[0081] Morinda officinalis 1kg Wolfberry 1kg
[0082] Cistanche 0.5kg Chive Seeds 4kg
[0083] Salvia 1kg Panax notoginseng 0.5kg
[0084] Polygonum multiflorum 0.5kg Centipede 0.01kg
[0085] The content of each component in the final product is:
[0086] Red Velvet Antler 1.9kg Ginseng 1.4kg
[0087] Huai Yam 1.9kg Cynomorium 0.1kg
[0088] Epimedium 2kg White Peony 0.1kg
[0089] Morinda officinalis 0.2kg Lycium barbarum 0.2kg
[0090] Cistanche 0.1kg Chive Seeds 0.8kg
[0091] Salvia 0.2kg Panax notoginseng 0.1kg
[0092] Polygonum multiflorum 0.1kg centipede 0.002kg.
[0093] The nutritional and health food prepared in Examples 1, 2 and 3 can be eaten every day, or one tablet every three days. It has been proved by the consumption experiment of 50 males aged 25 to 60 that the blood circulation is obviously accelerated 2 minutes after consumption. It can effectively reduce fatigue, strengthen sexual reproductive organs in 5 to 10 minutes, long-term use of this product has no side effects, can effectively regulate human body functions, and enhance various immunity.


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