Al2O3dispersion strengthening copper alloy and method for producing the same

A technology for dispersion strengthening copper and alloys, applied in the field of metal materials, can solve the problems of complex process, difficult oxidation, long oxidation time, etc., and achieve the effects of simple process, short time and high production efficiency

Active Publication Date: 2008-06-11
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[0006] ①Complicated process;
The oxidation time in this pr...
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The invention provides an Al2O3 dispersion strengthening copper alloy and the preparation method thereof. The aluminum content of the raw material is 0.05 to 0.6 wt percent, the content of foreign impurities is not higher than 0.5 wt percent, the basis material is copper; the production process adopts the steps of the whole copper-aluminum alloy powder superficial oxidation oxygen replenishment, ingot casting, internal oxidation, deoxidization, agglomeration, squeezing, cold processing and performance testing, the produced Al2O3 dispersion strengthening copper alloy has the advantages that the intensity and the rigidity are higher, the performance of anti high temperature softening is good, simultaneously, the invention has the good performance of electric conduction and heat conduction, and the invention is the ideal material for producing a resistance welding electrode, the lead frame of an integrated circuit, the conductor rod of an high pressure disconnecting switch and other parts at present.

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DeoxidizationIntegrated circuit +14


  • Al2O3dispersion strengthening copper alloy and method for producing the same


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Example Embodiment

Specific implementation manner two:
[0030] Take the production of alloy for high-voltage isolation switch conductive rod as an example. The raw material is copper-aluminum alloy powder with aluminum content of 0.15wt% and the rest of copper;
[0031] 1. Oxidation and oxygen distribution on the surface of all powders: oxidize the copper-aluminum alloy powder in an oxidizing atmosphere for 20 hours; perform surface oxidation, and the atomic ratio of the oxygen distribution to the aluminum content in the alloy powder is between 3:2 and 6:2;
[0032] 2. Ingot making: the fully oxidized powder is put into an isostatic pressing rubber sleeve, and then it is pressurized to 200N/mm in the cylinder of the cold isostatic pressing machine 2 forming;
[0033] 3. Internal oxidation: treat the isostatically pressed ingot at 880°C under nitrogen protection for 2 hours;
[0034] 4. Sintering and reduction: reduction in a hydrogen atmosphere at 900°C for 5 hours, and then sintering in a hydrogen atmosphere at 980°C for 2 hours;
[0035] 5. Extrusion: The sintered ingot is extruded into a billet at 850°C;
[0036] 6. Cold processing: cold-draw the extruded billet to the required specifications.


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