Preparation method of anti-seepage water delivery tank of channel

A water tank and channel technology is applied in the field of preparation of U (rectangular) water tanks for water conservancy and water conveyance in farmland. Smooth, uniform quality results

Active Publication Date: 2014-07-02
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a kind of preparation method of U (rectangular) type channel anti-seepage water delivery tank in order t...
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Method used

The size of the anti-seepage water delivery tank mold selected in the present embodiment is 400*400*2000mm, and the length of the mold is 2000mm, and the channel anti-seepage water delivery tank obtained by demoulding is delivered finished product area code after quality inspection and packaging Stacked storage, the compressive strength of the product channel anti-seepage water delivery tank reaches more than 50MPa, and the concrete parameters reach C50F300 level (...
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The invention provides a preparation method of an anti-seepage delivery water of a channel, relates to the preparation method of a U-shaped/rectangular water tank for water delivery in irrigation and water conservancy, and is used for solving the problems of rough surface, poor freezing resistance and poor durability of a U-shaped tank and a trapezoid tank which are obtained by the existing preparation method. The preparation method provided by the invention comprises the following steps: 1, preparing raw materials; 2, evenly stirring the raw materials in a stirrer and then pouring into a mould; vibrating the mould of the anti-seepage water delivery tank on a suspension-type vibration platform for finishing the material distribution vibration moulding of the concrete raw materials; 3, transporting the mould carried with a concrete water tank into a curing kiln for steam curing and then transferring the mould from the curing kiln; and 4, demoulding the anti-seepage water delivery tank, thus finishing the preparation of the anti-seepage water delivery tank of a channel. According to the method, the overall vibration treatment of the concrete raw materials in the mould is carried out by adopting the vibration platform, so that the concrete has the advantages of uniform quality, smooth surface and good structural mechanical property and the concrete parameter of the concrete can reach a C50F300 level.

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ConstructionsCeramic shaping apparatus +1

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Water deliverySmooth surface +10


  • Preparation method of anti-seepage water delivery tank of channel
  • Preparation method of anti-seepage water delivery tank of channel


  • Experimental program(9)

Example Embodiment

[0014] Specific implementation mode 1: The preparation method of the channel seepage prevention water conveyance tank in this embodiment is implemented in the following steps:
[0015] 1. Weigh 390~420kg of cement, 70~80kg of fly ash, 25~30kg of mineral powder, 178~198kg of water, 600~720kg of medium sand, 677~718kg of crushed stone of specification 1-2, 400~450kg of crushed stone with a specification of 0.5, 5~8kg of steel fiber and 9.5~10.5kg of additives as raw materials;
[0016] 2. Add the weighed raw materials to the mixer, mix them evenly, and transfer them to the distributor through the feeder. The anti-seepage water tank mold is placed on the vibrating table, and the raw materials are poured into the anti-seepage transportation through the guide trough on the distributor. In the water tank mold, the vibration table drives the anti-seepage water tank mold to vibrate for 2 to 3 minutes at a frequency of 1000 to 1500 Hz to complete the vibration forming of the concrete material;
[0017] 3. Transport the anti-seepage water tank mold with the vibrating formed concrete tank to the curing kiln. First, let it stand for 1.8~2.2h at room temperature, and then pass through the steam channel and heat up to temperature at a temperature rise rate of 13~16℃/h. 60~68℃, keep for 2.5h, then cool down to room temperature at a cooling rate of 13~18℃/h, and convey the anti-seepage water tank mould with curing forming concrete out of the curing kiln;
[0018] 4. The mold of the anti-seepage water delivery trough conveyed out of the curing kiln and loaded with curing forming concrete is demolded to complete the preparation of the channel anti-seepage water delivery trough.
[0019] In the production process of the channel anti-seepage water delivery tank in this embodiment, the room temperature is 20°C.
[0020] The production process of the channel anti-seepage water delivery tank in this embodiment is mainly composed of a batching mixing system, a cloth vibration system, a maintenance system, a demoulding and returning system and an electric control system. The maintenance channel adopts steam maintenance, and the maintenance channel is divided into four Zone, that is, the static stop treatment in the static stop zone, the heating zone is heated by steam, the temperature at the end of the temperature rise is kept constant in the constant temperature zone, and finally the temperature is reduced to room temperature in the cooling zone. At the same time, the maintenance channel is equipped with a monitoring system that can automatically control the temperature and humidity in the maintenance channel. Due to the special structural design of the steel mold, when the concrete sink product passes through the temperature-changing maintenance channel within the specified time, it can ensure that the mold can fully interact with the steam Contact, optimize the curing effect to ensure that the required demolding strength can be achieved.

Example Embodiment

[0021] Embodiment 2: The difference between this embodiment and the first embodiment is that the cement number in step one is 425. Other steps and parameters are the same as in the first embodiment.

Example Embodiment

[0022] Specific embodiment three: This embodiment is different from specific embodiment one or two in that the grade of fly ash described in step one is level one. Other steps and parameters are the same as those in the first or second embodiment.


Length1.0 ~ 2.0cm
Compressive strength50.0MPa

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