High-performance environment-friendly alcohol-based fuel

An alcohol-based fuel, high-performance technology, used in fuel, liquid carbon-containing fuel, petroleum industry and other directions, can solve the problems of low sulfide generation concentration, low sulfur content of alcohol-based fuel, eye irritation, etc. Low emissions and less environmental pollution

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-08-28
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The sulfur content of alcohol-based fuel is extremely low, and the concentration of sulfur compounds in the flue gas after fuel combustion is also extremely low. Alcohol-...
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The invention provides a high-performance environment-friendly alcohol-based fuel. The fuel is prepared from, by weight, 80-90 parts of methanol, 2-8 parts of ethanol, 3-5 parts of tert-butanol, 0.01-0.08 part of sodium bromide, 1-2 parts of glycerin and 2-5 parts of xylene. The burning calorific value of the high-performance environment-friendly alcohol-based fuel can exceed 9000 Kcal/kg, which can meet the temperature requirement of boiler burners and large drying hearths. The fuel has a wide raw material source and a low price, and emits a small amount of harmful gas and causes little environmental pollution after burning, which achieves the purposes of energy saving and emission reduction.

Application Domain

Liquid carbonaceous fuels

Technology Topic

ButanolMethanol +8


  • High-performance environment-friendly alcohol-based fuel
  • High-performance environment-friendly alcohol-based fuel


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Example Embodiment

[0012] Example 1
[0013] 80 parts of methanol, 2 parts of ethanol, 3 parts of tert-butanol, 0.01 parts of sodium bromide, 1 part of glycerin, 2 parts of xylene.
[0014] Preparation method: mix all the raw materials, let stand, and get ready.

Example Embodiment

[0015] Example 2
[0016] 90 parts of methanol, 8 parts of ethanol, 5 parts of tert-butanol, 0.05 parts of sodium bromide, 2 parts of glycerin, 5 parts of xylene.
[0017] Preparation method: mix all the raw materials, let stand, and get ready.

Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 3
[0019] 85 parts of methanol, 6 parts of ethanol, 5 parts of tert-butanol, 0.03 parts of sodium bromide, 1 part of glycerin, 4 parts of xylene.
[0020] Preparation method: mix all the raw materials, let stand, and get ready.


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