HZSM-5 molecular sieve as well as preparation method and application thereof

A technology of molecular sieve and crystallization reaction, which is applied in the direction of crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite, borocarbane silicone crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite, etc., can solve the problems of high cost and complicated synthesis route, and achieve reduction of synthesis cost and simplification of synthesis The effect of technology and broad application prospects

Pending Publication Date: 2021-03-09
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Problems solved by technology

[0007] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a kind of HZSM-5 molecular sieve and its preparation method and applica...
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Method used

According to the present invention, described alkali source is selected from urea and/or ammoniacal liquor, preferred mass content is not less than 99% urea; Adopt urea and/or ammoniacal liquor as alkali source, can avoid introducing sodium in HZSM-5 molecular sieve Ions, therefore, no ion exchange is required in the process of preparing the HZSM-5 molecular sieve, avoiding waste water and additional energy consumption generated in the process.
The inventor of the present invention is by the synthetic method of HZSM-5 molecular sieve and finds, by adopting ...
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The invention relates to an HZSM5 molecular sieve as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) mixing water, a silicon source and an alkalisource to obtain a solution A, mixing ethanol, seed crystals and an aluminum source to obtain a solution B; and (2) uniformly mixing the solution B and the solution A, and then carrying out crystallization reaction. The silicon source is metered on the basis of silicon dioxide, and the molar ratio of the ethanol to the silicon source is 0.5-2.5: 1. According to the HZSM-5 molecular sieve as wellas the preparation method and application thereof, the HZSM-5 molecular sieve with high crystallinity is obtained through a one-step crystallization method by adopting the ethanol as a template agentand controlling the use amounts of the ethanol and the silicon source within a specific range, so that the synthesis process of the HZSM-5 molecular sieve is simplified, the synthesis cost is reduced,no waste liquid is generated, and the method is environmentally friendly and has a wide application prospect.

Application Domain

Pentasil aluminosilicate zeolite

Technology Topic

Molecular sieveSeed crystal +7


  • HZSM-5 molecular sieve as well as preparation method and application thereof
  • HZSM-5 molecular sieve as well as preparation method and application thereof
  • HZSM-5 molecular sieve as well as preparation method and application thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0046] Example 1
[0047] 17.55 g of silica sol, 0.3509 g of urea were added to 73.27 g of deionized water, and then stirred at 200R / min stirring at a stirring rate of 0.5 h, resulting in a solution;
[0048] 0.3575 g of a seed, 0.9751 g of aluminum aluminum was added 8.071 g of ethanol, and then stirred at 200R / min stirring at a stirring rate of 0.5 h, resulting in a B solution;
[0049] Under the conditions of the stirring rate of 300 r / min, the B solution was slowly added to the a solution, and after the dropping is completed, stirring was continued for 1 h to give a homogeneous gel;
[0050] The gel was transferred to a stainless steel crystalline crystalline with a polytetrafluoroethylene liner, 25 h at 160 ° C, then cooled to room temperature, washed and washed to neutral, and then dried at 80 ° C for 12 h, resulting in Hzsm- 5 molecular sieve.
[0051] The molar ratio of each material in this embodiment is shown in Table 1, and the obtained HzSM-5 molecular sieve is figure 1 Indicated.

Example Embodiment

[0052] Example 2-9
[0053] According to the method of Example 1, the material of each raw material is shown in Table 1.

Example Embodiment

[0054] Example 10
[0055] According to the method of Example 1, the crystallization temperature is 150 ° C, the crystallization time is 24 h.


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