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Full-automatic intelligent multimedia teaching desk

The invention discloses a full-automatic intelligent multimedia teaching desk. The teaching desk comprises a teaching desk body, a lifting device, a turnable tray device, an electronic device system and a control system, wherein the teaching desk body comprises a platform at the upper part and a cabinet at the lower part, the platform can be vertically movably mounted on the cabinet through the lifting device, protecting covers, a driving device and a display screen are arranged on the desktop of the teaching desk, the driving device is used for driving the protecting covers, so that left and right protecting covers sliding oppositely are automatically opened or closed, and the display screen realizes angle adjustment through the turnable tray device. A background monitoring system is used for monitoring and managing multimedia teaching desks in a teaching area uniformly or independently, concentrated control and management of the teaching desks are realized, the background monitoring system interacts with a CPU (central processing unit) microprocessor in a wired or wireless communication manner, each electric push rod is controlled through the CPU microprocessor to be in an intelligent work state, full-automatic intelligent control of lifting of the desktop of the teaching desk, opening and closing of the protecting covers and angle adjustment of the display screen is realized, the management efficiency is improved, the management cost is saved, and the full-automatic intelligent multimedia teaching desk is suitable for wide popularization and application.

Multi-functional intelligent platform

InactiveCN104886927AWith automatic roll call functionWith monitoring functionPulpitsLecternsTemperature monitoringComputer science
The invention discloses a multi-functional intelligent platform. The multi-functional intelligent platform comprises a platform body, a central control unit, a computer host, a display screen, a projector, sound equipment, a lifting table, a lifting drive mechanism, a camera, a face identifier, a body temperature monitor, an alarm and a storage, the camera acquires the face image information of a student and sends the face image information of the student to the face identifier, the face identifier extracts face image data pre-stored in the storage to compare, identify and generate identification data, the face identifier sends the identification data to the central control unit to process after finishing identification, and the central control unit generates a student attendance situation table according to the identification data; the body temperature monitor monitors the body temperature of the student and sends the measured body temperature data to the central control unit to process, when the body temperature is higher than a preset range, the central control unit controls the alarm to give an alarm. The multi-functional intelligent platform is capable of automatically realizing the student attendance registration and student body temperature monitoring.

Multifunctional rostrum used for multimedia teaching

ActiveCN105212523ARealize the projection functionDoes not occupy the effective use areaPulpitsLecternsComputer scienceDesk
The invention discloses a multifunctional rostrum used for multimedia teaching, and belongs to the field of teaching equipment. The rostrum comprises a desk body. A projector drawer which can be drawn out towards the front of the desk body is mounted on the front portion of the desk body. The projector drawer is internally provided with a projector elevating mechanism. The projector elevating mechanism comprises a driving assembly, a projector supporting plate and two groups of first and second supporting bars, wherein the first supporting bar and the second supporting bar of each group are arranged between the projector supporting plate and the bottom frame of the projector drawer, are crossed, and form an X-shaped elevating structure through a shaft rod. The driving assembly comprises a motor, a screw rod and a nut, and the screw rod drives the nut to move back and forth, so that the projector supporting plate can move up and down in the projector drawer. A projector is mounted in the drawer of the rostrum, and the projector can be drawn out with the drawer and be elevated to the appropriate height when the rostrum is used, so that demands on drawing-out distance of the drawer are reduced, a multimedia projection function can be better achieved, and the rostrum is convenient to use.
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