Foaming type electromagnetic wave absorption composite material and preparation method thereof

A technology of electromagnetic wave absorption and composite materials, applied in chemical instruments and methods, other chemical processes, etc., can solve problems such as sedimentation and agglomeration, affect electromagnetic wave absorption, poor dispersion, etc., achieve good absorption function, prolong service life, and reduce oxidation Effect

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Problems solved by technology

However, due to the high density of electromagnetic loss absorbing materials, they are prone to sedimentation and agglomeration, and it is difficult to disperse them evenly in the matrix, which affects the absorption of electromagnetic waves.
The existing research results at home and abroad are mainly filled with polystyrene balls, ceramsite, perlite and electromagnetic absorbe...
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The invention discloses a foaming type electromagnetic wave absorption composite material and a preparation method thereof. The electromagnetic wave absorption composite material is prepared from 10 to 40 mass percent of an electromagnetic absorbent and 60 to 90 mass percent of a base material through a foaming process. Impedance matching between the base material and air is improved by uniform gaps formed by foaming, and a powder material with electromagnetic wave absorption function is uniformly diffused in the foaming process of the base and adsorbed on foam hole walls to form a dielectric loss and magnetic hysteresis loss electromagnetic wave absorption network, so that the electromagnetic waves entering the base are converted into heat energy and attenuated through motion such as reflection, refraction, vortex, resonance and the like. The foaming type electromagnetic wave absorption composite material is widely applied to the field of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic information leakage prevention, suppression and absorption treatment.

Application Domain

Other chemical processes

Technology Topic

Dielectric lossElectromagnetic interference +10


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Example Embodiment

[0020] The following further explains the present invention in combination with specific embodiments, which will help to further understand the present invention. The protection scope of the present invention is not limited by these embodiments, and the protection scope of the present invention is defined by the claims.
[0021] 1. Preparation of electromagnetic absorber
[0022] The composition and mass of the electromagnetic absorber are in kilograms:
[0023] Carbon black 3, amorphous alloy powder 3, silicon carbide powder 3, stone grinding powder 3, polyaniline 1, polyphenylene 1, magnetic ferrite powder 3, sendust powder 3, permalloy powder 1, hydroxyl iron Powder 1, alumina, zinc, titanium powder 0.3, carbon fiber 0.5, amorphous iron fiber 0.5, metal short fiber and magnetic beads 0.2, bentonite 0.2, titanate coupling agent 0.2, reinforcing agent 0.1.
[0024] The preparation method of electromagnetic absorber is:
[0025] The first step: dry and mix carbon black 3, amorphous alloy powder 3, silicon carbide powder 0.3, and stone mill powder 3 uniformly, mechanically stir for 10 minutes, and put them into a planetary ball mill (the ratio of ball to powder is 1:20). Ball mill for 10 hours to obtain powder;
[0026] The second step: Add polyaniline 1, polyphenylene 1, and mechanically stir for 10 minutes in a vacuum mixer;
[0027] The third step: Add magnetic ferrite powder 3, sendust powder 3, permalloy powder 1, hydroxyl iron powder 1, alumina, zinc and titanium powder total 0.3, using electroless plating method (magnetic color polymerization) Color coating process processing;
[0028] The fourth step: add carbon fiber 0.5, amorphous iron fiber 0.5, metal short fiber and magnetic microbeads, a total of 0.2, bentonite 0.2, titanate coupling agent 0.2, reinforcing agent 0.1, mechanical mixing and vacuum stirring for 15 minutes to obtain electromagnetic absorption Agent.
[0029] 2. Preparation of electromagnetic wave-absorbing matrix polymer
[0030] Cement 76 is selected as the base material, the cement and the electromagnetic absorbent 24 are mixed uniformly, and mechanically stirred for 20 minutes to obtain an electromagnetic wave-absorbing base polymer.
[0031] 3. Foaming process
[0032] Add the foaming agent to the foam initiator to initiate, then add water and the electromagnetic wave-absorbing matrix polymer to mechanically mix and stir, and then foam and shape.


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