Modification method of dietary fibers and product thereof

A dietary fiber and modification technology, applied in the field of modification methods and obtained products, can solve the problems of high cost and large amount of enzyme, achieve the effect of increasing pores, loose and porous structure, and improving the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis

Pending Publication Date: 2020-03-27
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Problems solved by technology

Although this method improves the content of water-soluble dietary fiber, t...
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Method used

By contrast, the inventor finds that the total dietary fiber of bamboo shoots extracted is first carried out with subcritical water treatment, and then mixed enzyme enzymolysis treatment can significantly improve the content of soluble dietary fiber in the total dietary fiber of bamboo shoots, and make The functional properties of the total dietary fiber of bamboo shoots have been significantly improved, and the water holding capacity, oil holding capacity, swelling force, cholesterol adsorption capacity, and nitrite ion adsorption capacity have all been significantly improved. As can be seen from Figure 2, the untreated total dietary f...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of food processing, and relates to a modification method of dietary fibers. The modification method of the dietary fibers comprises the following steps: (1) uniformly mixing an extracted dietary fiber with distilled water so as to obtain a mixture, putting the mixture into subcritical water equipment so as to be subjected to processing at 105-160 DEG Cfor 10-60 minutes, carrying out concentration so as to obtain a concentrate, performing freeze-drying on the concentrate together with residues, and carrying out crushing so as to obtain a modified dietary fiber A; (2) adding distilled water into the modified dietary fiber A, adjusting the pH value to 3-8, and adding 0.1-1.0% of mixed enzymes composed of cellulase and xylanase so as to be subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis at 30-60 DEG C for 1-6 hours, thereby obtaining an enzymatic hydrolyzate; and (3) performing enzyme inactivation on the enzymatic hydrolyzate, and carrying out evaporating-concentrating, freeze-drying and crushing so as to obtain a modified dietary fiber B. The modification method of the dietary fibers disclosed by the invention is capable of significantly increasing content of soluble dietary fibers in total dietary fibers; and moreover, the obtained modified dietary fibers have significantly improved water-holding capacity, oil-holding capacity, expansive force, cholesterol adsorption capacity and nitrite ion adsorption capacity.

Application Domain

FermentationFood ingredient functions

Technology Topic

Dietary fibresEnzymatic hydrolysis +7


  • Modification method of dietary fibers and product thereof
  • Modification method of dietary fibers and product thereof
  • Modification method of dietary fibers and product thereof


  • Experimental program(12)
  • Comparison scheme(4)

Example Embodiment

[0030] Example 1
[0031] Extraction of total dietary fiber from bamboo shoots:
[0032] The extraction of the total dietary fiber of asparagus can use known techniques in the art, such as acid-base extraction, ultrasonic extraction, biological enzyme method, etc. The extraction method of the total dietary fiber of asparagus of the present invention is: fresh asparagus raw materials are pulverized, It is prepared by leaching with 10% NaOH solution and 30% acetic acid solution, washing to neutrality, filtering and drying.

Example Embodiment

[0033] Example 2
[0034] (1) Get the extracted dietary fiber and distilled water at a mass-to-volume ratio of 1:50 (w/v, g/mL) and mix, put it into a subcritical water device, set the temperature to 135° C., and treat it for 10 minutes; the end of the treatment After that, it was concentrated by rotary evaporation at a temperature of 50 °C, and then the concentrated solution and the residue were freeze-dried for 48 hours. After freeze-drying, they were pulverized and passed through an 80-mesh sieve to obtain the modified bamboo shoots dietary fiber A;
[0035] (2) adding distilled water according to the ratio of solid to liquid 1:20, adjusting pH to 4.8 with HCl solution with a concentration of 1 mol/L, adding cellulase and xylanase Mixed enzyme, the amount of mixed enzyme added is 0.30% of the mass of Leiba dietary fiber A (the proportion of cellulase in the mixed enzyme is 30%), and the enzymatic hydrolysis is stirred at a temperature of 50 ° C for 3 hours to obtain an enzymatic hydrolysis solution;
[0036] (3) heating the enzymolysis solution obtained in step (2) in a boiling water bath for 10 min to kill the enzyme, and cooling to room temperature to obtain an enzyme-killing solution; the enzyme-killing solution was concentrated by rotary evaporation at a temperature of 50°C, and then the concentrated solution and the residue were Freeze-dried together for 48 hours, crushed after freeze-drying, and sieved through an 80-mesh sieve to obtain Modified Lei Bamboo Dietary Fiber B.

Example Embodiment

[0062] Example 3
[0063] The test process is the same as that in Example 2, except that the subcritical water treatment temperature is 120°C. The modified Lei bamboo shoot dietary fiber B was prepared. It was determined that the soluble dietary fiber content was 12.40%, the water holding capacity was 6.12g/g, the oil holding capacity was 2.38g/g, the swelling force was 5.12mL/g, and the cholesterol adsorption capacity was 6.55mg/g (pH2.0), 10.84mg/g (pH7.0), nitrite ion adsorption capacity was 148.32μg/g (pH2.0), 58.12μg/g (pH7.0).


Water holding capacity6.12g/g
Oil holding power2.38g/g
Expansion force5.12ml/g

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