Efficient melon fertilizer in which photosynthetic induction factor nutrient carbon aerogel is added and preparing method

A technology of photosynthetic inducer and carbon aerogel, which is applied in the field of fruit fertilizer to achieve the effect of promoting enrichment, absorption and utilization, high utilization rate and good loading effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-04-19
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Carbon airgel is a new type of lightweight nanoporous amorphous carbon material with a porosity as high as 80-98%, a pore size of less than 50nm, a network colloid particle size of 3-20mn, and a specific surface area of ​​600-1000m2/g , the density range is 0.05-0.80g/cm3, because of its unique structure and performance characteristics, it can be used in the field of agricultu...
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The invention belongs to the field of fruit fertilizer, and particularly discloses efficient melon fertilizer in which photosynthetic induction factor nutrient carbon aerogel is added. The efficient melon fertilizer is characterized by comprising the following components, by weight, humic acid, polyacrylamide, oxalic acid, dicyandiamide, a photosynthetic induction factor, cyclodextrin, water hyacinth stems, fresh seaweed, decomposed cake fertilizer, mushroom bran powder, sunflowerseed meal powder, compound microorganism fermentation strains, EDTA chelated iron, EDTA chelated zinc, EDTA chelated copper, inositol, asparaginate, amino acid, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, zineb, hydroxyethyl cellulose, ultrafine silica sol and the like. The water hyacinth stems, the fresh seaweed, the decomposed cake fertilizer, the mushroom bran powder and the sunflowerseed meal powder are fermented to serve as main materials for preparing the melon fertilizer, the melon fertilizer is rich in ocean active substances conveniently absorbed and utilized by melon, the photosynthesis of the melon can be efficiently promoted for a long time through the added stable photosynthetic induction factor nutrient carbon aerogel, enriched absorption and utilization of nutrient substances are promoted, and efficient cultivation of the melon is commonly promoted.

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Bio-organic fraction processingMagnesium fertilisers +5

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Humic acidMeal powder +19


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Example
[0016] The melon high-efficiency fertilizer added with photosynthetic inducible nutrient carbon aerogel described in this embodiment is characterized by comprising the following components by weight: humic acid 13.5, polyacrylamide 2.5, oxalic acid 1.7, dicyanide Amine 0.8, photosynthetic inducer 3.5, epoxidized soybean oil 1.25, cyclodextrin 2.45, water hyacinth stem 22, fresh seaweed 41, decomposed cake fertilizer 27, fungus residue 33, sunflower meal powder 21, compound microbial fermentation inoculant 2.9, EDTA Chelated iron 0.85, EDTA chelated zinc 0.82, EDTA chelated copper 0.83, inositol 0.95, asparagine 0.7, amino acid 1.9, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 1.3, zinc zinc 0.65, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl chloride Ammonium chloride 1.1, hydroxyethyl cellulose 19.5, ultra-fine silica sol 11, appropriate amount of water.
[0017] The method for preparing a melon high-efficiency fertilizer added with photosynthetic inducible nutrient carbon aerogel described in this embodiment is characterized in that it comprises the following steps:
[0018] (1) Mix epoxidized soybean oil, cyclodextrin and 2.5 times the total weight of water, stir well at 60°C, then put it into the nanogenerator for 17.5min, add dicyandiamide and photosynthetic inducer, mix and stir well After drying by spray drying technology, the nano-embedded photosynthetic element material is obtained, and then the nano-embedded photosynthetic element material is frozen at a low temperature of 2.4°C for 0.5h in the form of air-cooling, and the low-temperature photosynthetic element material is obtained for use;
[0019] (2) Mix humic acid, polyacrylamide, oxalic acid and 1.6 times the total weight of water, heat and stir at 179°C for 9.5 hours to make the reaction complete, then stop heating, and use inert gas N 2 Add the low-temperature photosynthetic element substances uniformly and quickly, then calcinate for 0.5h and dry in an inert gas environment at 200°C to obtain a stable photosynthetic inducible carbon aerogel for use;
[0020] (3) Mix EDTA chelated iron, EDTA chelated zinc, EDTA chelated copper, inositol, asparagine, amino acids, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, zinc zinc and 2.5 times the total weight of water, and stir at 60°C for 24 minutes To completely dissolve and evenly obtain nutrient solution for use;
[0021] (4) Mix the water hyacinth stem, fresh seaweed, decomposed cake fertilizer, mushroom chaff, and sunflower meal powder, put them in a pulverizer and pulverize, pass through an 80-mesh sieve to obtain the pulverized product, the pulverized product and the compound microbial fermentation inoculant 2.9 And water mixing and stirring, adjusting the moisture content to 43% of the total weight, aerobic fermentation at room temperature for 39 days, and drying at a high temperature of 85°C to obtain the fermentation material for use; the stable photosynthetic inducible carbon aerogel, fermentation material, nutrient solution, ten Dialkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and an appropriate amount of water are mixed and stirred evenly, the moisture content is adjusted to 17% of the total weight, and the screw extrusion granulation mechanism is used to create fertilizer particles with a particle size of 3-4 mm for use;
[0022] (5) Mix hydroxyethyl cellulose and 2.5 times the total weight of water, and heat and stir at 115°C for 0.9h. Add ultra-fine silica sol during the stirring process, mix and stir evenly into a paste, and prepare a coating solution for later use ;
[0023] (6) Place the fertilizer particles on a dry fluidized bed with a high-pressure spray nozzle above, and the coating liquid is evenly sprayed on the granular fertilizer through the high-pressure spray nozzle, and is quickly dried by hot air at a high temperature of 120°C for 30 seconds, and the second spraying bag The film is dried with hot air at a medium temperature of 80°C for 1 min, three spray coatings, and a hot air at a low temperature of 31°C for 80 minutes for a long time, and the coating is dried.
[0024] Two melon planting plots with the same area were used as the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group was uniformly applied with 30Kg of the fertilizer of the present invention per acre of melon planting land. The control group was not treated, and other cultivation conditions remained the same. The melon was growing and blooming. It was found that the muskmelon seedlings of the experimental group were thriving, the growth rate was fast, the fruit number was large, and the muskmelon fruit was large. The cultivation period of the experimental group was about 10 days shorter than that of the control group. After the fruits were picked, the yield per mu was counted and found that the experimental group The melon yield per mu was 1.652 times that of the control group.


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