Pipe strengthening master batch and preparation method thereof

A technology of master batch and pipe material, applied in the field of pipe material master batch, pipe reinforced master batch and preparation method thereof, can solve the problems of insufficient pressure resistance of pipe fittings, and achieve excellent flexibility and dispersibility, large specific surface area and good heat resistance. and the effect of cold resistance

Pending Publication Date: 2020-12-29
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[0006] The object of the present invention is to provide a pipe strengthening masterbatch and its preparation method, so as to solve the...
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The invention discloses a pipe strengthening master batch and a preparation method thereof, belongs to the technical field of plastic building materials, and aims to overcome the defect that the existing master batch for pipes easily causes insufficient pressure resistance of pipes and pipe fittings. The pipe strengthening master batch comprises the following components in parts by weight: 5-20 parts of a polyolefin resin, 30-80 parts of a filler, 0.1-6 part of a dispersing agent, 0.1-6 part of a processing aid, 0.1-2 part of a coupling agent, 1-4 parts of lubricating agent, 2-20 parts of glass fiber, 0.01-0.2 part of allicin and 1-10 parts of wood fiber powder. According to the invention, glass fibers have the properties of good insulativity, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, lignocellulose has small specific gravity, large specific surface area, excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation, uniform thermal expansion, no cracking and excellent flexibility and dispersibility, a three-dimensional network structure is formed after mixing, and the glass fibers, the wood fibers and the filler are mixed, so thatthe strength of the master batch can be improved, cracking is not likely to happen, and performance is good.

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Example Embodiment

[0032] Example 1
[0033] A pipe reinforcement masterbatch, comprising 5 parts by weight of polyolefin resin, 30 parts of filler, 0.1 part of dispersant, 0.1 part of processing aid, 0.1 part of coupling agent, 1 part of lubricant, and 2 parts of glass fiber , 0.01 part of allicin, 1 part of wood fiber powder, 0.1 part of antibacterial agent, 0.1 part of antioxidant; Filler comprises calcium carbonate and kaolin, the mass ratio of calcium carbonate and kaolin is 3:1; Polyolefin resin comprises polyethylene resin; Agents include dioctyl phthalate; processing aids include fluorine-free polymer processing aids; coupling agents include titanate coupling agents; antimicrobial agents include vanillin; antioxidants include beta-octadecyl malonate base ester.
[0034] A method for preparing a pipe strengthening masterbatch, comprising the following steps: taking the raw materials according to the above weight parts, mixing them uniformly, putting them into a banbury mixer for banburying, and transferring the banbury-mixed materials to an extruder for extrusion manufacturing Granules, the masterbatch after granulation is air-cooled to obtain the product, and the materials need to be inspected, and the materials that pass the inspection should be packaged.

Example Embodiment

[0035] Example 2
[0036] On the basis of Example 1, a pipe reinforcement masterbatch, in parts by weight, including 12 parts of polyolefin resin, 55 parts of filler, 2 parts of dispersant, 3 parts of processing aid, 1 part of coupling agent, lubricating 2.5 parts of agent, 10 parts of glass fiber, 0.1 part of allicin, 8 parts of wood fiber powder, 1 part of antibacterial agent, 1 part of antioxidant; filler includes calcium carbonate, kaolin, talcum powder, the mass ratio of calcium carbonate, kaolin and talcum powder 4:2:1; polyolefin resins include polypropylene resins; dispersants include polyethylene waxes; processing aids include silane cross-linked polyethylene copolymers; coupling agents include silane coupling agents; antibacterial agents include ethyl vanillin compounds; antioxidants include tetraerythritol esters.
[0037] A method for preparing a pipe strengthening masterbatch is as in Example 1.

Example Embodiment

[0038] Example 3
[0039]On the basis of Example 1, on the basis of Example 1, a pipe reinforcement masterbatch, in parts by weight, including 20 parts of polyolefin resin, 80 parts of filler, 6 parts of dispersant, 6 parts of processing aid , 2 parts of coupling agent, 4 parts of lubricant, 20 parts of glass fiber, 0.2 parts of allicin, 10 parts of wood fiber powder, 2 parts of antibacterial agent, 2 parts of antioxidant; fillers include calcium carbonate and wollastonite powder, calcium carbonate and The mass ratio of wollastonite powder is 3:1; polyolefin resin includes polyethylene resin; dispersant includes stearic acid; processing aid includes polyethylene graft copolymer; coupling agent includes aluminate coupling agent; antibacterial agent Includes vanillin; antioxidants include phosphites.
[0040] A method for preparing a pipe strengthening masterbatch is as in Example 1.


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