Bowel-relaxing oral liquid and preparation method thereof

An oral liquid, weight percentage technology, applied in the field of medicine, can solve the problems of easy oxidation, inconvenience in use, difficulty in developing liquid preparations, etc., and achieve the effects of improving safety, avoiding irritation to the intestines, and being beneficial to intestinal health.

Pending Publication Date: 2022-06-21
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The product box contains 4 sachets of medicine and a disposable container for mixing. Before use, the medicine in the bag needs to be mixed and added with water, which is very inconvenient for patients t...
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The invention discloses a bowel-relaxing oral liquid, the active components of the oral liquid comprise an ascorbic acid component, polyethylene glycol and oligosaccharide, the weight percentage of the ascorbic acid component is 0.24-2.4%, the weight percentage of the polyethylene glycol is 16-60%, and the weight percentage of the oligosaccharide is 1-8%. The oral liquid disclosed by the invention has a good bowel relaxing effect, is good in stability, does not need to be added with preservatives, and can inhibit reproduction of harmful bacteria in intestinal tracts and promote growth of beneficial bacteria; the oral liquid can be directly taken by patients without being prepared; the oral liquid is simple in preparation process and cost-saving.

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Dispersion deliveryDigestive system +2

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Beneficial bacteriaPolyethylene glycol +7


  • Bowel-relaxing oral liquid and preparation method thereof
  • Bowel-relaxing oral liquid and preparation method thereof
  • Bowel-relaxing oral liquid and preparation method thereof


  • Experimental program(6)

Example Embodiment

[0029] Embodiment 1, the preparation of laxative oral liquid
[0030] The preparation of the laxative oral liquid of Experimental Example 1-10 and Comparative Example 1-3 includes the following steps:
[0031] (1) Dissolution: According to the ratio shown in Table 1, weigh purified water and each component, and stir and dissolve at room temperature.
[0032] (2) Filling.
[0033] Table 1 Experimental example and prescription of comparative example

Example Embodiment

[0036] Example 2. Stability test
[0037] The ascorbic acid component is easily oxidized. In order to verify and test the stability of the oral liquid of the present invention and the ascorbic acid component, the following experiments were carried out.
[0038] 1. Detection method
[0039] Test samples: Experimental Examples 1-10, Comparative Examples 1 and 3.
[0040] Test conditions: high temperature (60℃), light (4500±500Lux).
[0041] Sampling time: 0 days, 7 days, 14 days, 28 days
[0042] Detection indicators/standards:
[0043] Solution color: Compared with the same volume of yellow No. 4 standard colorimetric solution, it should not be darker.
[0044] Determination method of ascorbic acid component content (in L-ascorbic acid): refer to the content detection method of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) contained in the 2020 edition of the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", and use the iodine titration method to determine.
[0045]Ascorbic acid content standard: 90.0-110.0%.
[0046] 2. Experimental results
[0047] The solution color statistic result is shown in Table 2, and the ascorbic acid component content (calculated by L-ascorbic acid) statistic result is shown in Table 3.
[0048] Table 2 Statistical results of the color of the stability test solution
[0051] Table 3 Stability test ascorbic acid component content (calculated as ascorbic acid) results statistics
[0052] sample name 0 days High temperature 7D High temperature 14D High temperature 28D Illumination 7D Lighting 14D Lighting 28D Experimental example 1 99.2% 98.9% 97.3% 94.2% 98.1% 97.7% 97.0% Experimental example 2 98.5% 99.4% 98.4% 98.3% 98.9% 98.6% 97.8% Experimental example 3 100.2% 98.6% 97.2% 94.6% 97.9% 97.5% 96.8% Experimental example 4 101.4% 99.8% 96.8% 96.7% 98.3% 97.5% 97.0% Experimental example 5 99.6% 100.3% 97.4% 93.3% 98.9% 98.1% 97.6% Experimental example 6 98.4% 99.4% 97.2% 93.7% 98.3% 97.7% 97.1% Experimental example 7 99.5% 100.2% 97.6% 94.4% 98.9% 98.2% 97.6% Experimental example 8 100.9% 99.4% 97.7% 92.0% 98.6% 98.1% 97.4% Experimental example 9 100.1% 99.3% 98.3% 99.2% 98.8% 98.5% 97.7% Experimental Example 10 98.7% 100.7% 96.6% 94.9% 98.1% 97.7% 97.0% Comparative Example 1 99.6% 95.4% 90.1% 81.5% 97.4% 94.6% 86.7% Comparative Example 3 100.6% 98.7% 94.6% 85.7% 97.9% 96.0% 89.3%

Example Embodiment

[0053] The results in Table 2 and Table 3 show that, under high temperature and light conditions, the color of the solution of Experimental Examples 1-10 of the present invention remains stable, indicating that the solution as a whole has good stability, and the content of ascorbic acid is always maintained at 92%~101% %, even at high temperature for 28 days, the content of ascorbic acid remains at about 97%. The above results show that the oral liquid of the present invention has excellent stability. In contrast, Comparative Examples 1 and 3 had poor stability, and the content of ascorbic acid gradually decreased with time, especially at high temperature and 28 days of light, which was significantly lower than that of Experimental Examples 1-10 of the present invention.


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