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Benign lactobacillus strain capable of reducing secondary precipitation of soybean sauce, and screening method and applications thereof

The invention provides a screening method for benign lactobacillus strain capable of reducing the secondary precipitation of soybean sauce. The method includes the following steps: S1, performing amplification culture on different sets of lactobacilli, performing microscopic examination on a nutrient solution, and preliminarily screening strains with 3-8 cells connected together; S2, performing salt tolerance analysis test on the lactobacillus strains preliminarily screened in the S1, and secondarily screening the lactobacilli suitable for high salt soy sauce brewing process; and S3, adding the lactobacilli through secondary screening in the S2 into soy sauce mash to perform fermentation, detecting histamine and tyramine content in supernatant after the fermentation is completed, selectingthe lactobacilli whose histamine and tyramine content are lower than 25 mg/L, which are the required lactobacillus strains. A soybean sauce preparation technology applying the screened benign lactobacillus strains is simultaneously provided. The benign lactobacilli can be obtained through strain forms, salt tolerance test and soy sauce mash fermentation and screening and added at a soy sauce mashpreparation phase, so that the secondary precipitation of soybean sauce can be reduced, and the flavor of the soybean sauce can be improved.
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