Preparation method for culturing ecological convenient bacteria

A convenient and ecological technology, applied in microorganism-based methods, biochemical equipment and methods, microorganisms, etc., can solve the problems of chemical toxicity and residues, high price, and poor use, and achieves simple operation, low cost, and good effect. Effect

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At present, most of the live bacteria products seen in the market are fermented in the factory after the bacteria agent and the product are fermented, and then packaged and distributed to the market. Defects such as instability and unreasonable cost performance
Most live bacteria products must be prepared by specialized reaction tanks and reactors in the factory production process. The technical requirements and economic investment are high, and some excipients and additives added in...
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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The invention relates to a convenient preparation method for culturing ecological bacteria. The product comprises a composite microbial freeze-drying strain, a special culture medium, a flora coordination and growth promotion factor and the like. After the freeze-drying microbial strains and nutrients are mixed according to the weight ratio of 1:100-1:100000, finished products are obtained by sealing and encapsulating. When in use, the product is added with water with the quantity of 20 times, the mixture is stirred evenly, the environmental temperature is controlled between 15 DEG C and 40 DEG C, and the mixture is covered by a cover, sealed at a dry position and then can be fed after being naturally activated for 2-3 days. The added water is required to be drinking water and does not contain a disinfector, a bactericide, an antibiotic and a synthetic antibacterial agent, and the temperature of the water can not exceed 45 DEG C, warm water with the temperature of 25-37 DEG C is preferred; a used container must be washed and cleaned, is provided with a cover for sealing and can be recycled by disinfection after being used. At present, most of the active bacterium products sold in the market are packaged and delivered to the market after a microbial agent and the products are fermented in a factory, which is a sale-after-growth mode; the defects of unstable effect, unreasonable performance-price ratio and the like generally exist in the active bacterium products produced by this mode. The invention adopts a growth-after-sale mode and hands the production priority of a microbial preparation to a user, and the user can prepare and culture the required ecological bacteria under a simple condition by carrying out water addition, temperature control and natural fermentation on the product. The convenient bacteria do not contain chemical medicaments and toxin and are ecological and environment-friendly.

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  • Preparation method for culturing ecological convenient bacteria


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Example Embodiment

[0006] The specific implementation of the product of the present invention is:
[0007] 1. Screening of strains: select good strains, the types of strains include lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus faecalis, Streptococcus faecium, Lactobacillus casei, Pediococcus lactis, and Bifidobacterium , Bacillus natto, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, Rhodopseudomonas palustris, and Bacillus licheniformis.
[0008] 2. Configuration medium: According to different types of bacteria, configure different medium components. The main components of the medium are glucose, brown sugar, lactose, inorganic salt, starch, beef extract, yeast powder, yeast extract, peptone, agar, Water, citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, phosphate buffer salt. The culture medium contains coordination and growth-promoting factors. The main ingredients are vitamins, bases, porphyrins and their derivatives, sterols, amines, linear fatty acids, amino acids, etc.
[0009] 3. Bacteria culture: liquid culture or solid culture can be used to cultivate bacteria. The culture conditions are also different due to different strains, usually the culture temperature range is between 0-70℃, and the culture time is 1-3 days.
[0010] 4. Freeze-drying and packaging: Add the cultured strains (liquid culture strains need to be centrifuged to remove water) and freeze-dry them in a freeze-drying environment at -20~-40℃. Freeze-dried protective agents include glucose, trehalose, glycine, mannitol, etc. The freeze-dried product has a loose block shape, a large surface area, and is easy to package.
[0011] 5. The implementation method for preparing the cultivation ecological convenient bacteria using the present invention:
[0012] When preparing, mix the freeze-dried bacteria and nutrients at a weight ratio of 1:10~1:100,000, add 20 times the amount of water and stir evenly, control the ambient temperature between 15-40°C, cover and seal in a dry place, After 2 to 3 days of natural activation, it will be prepared into active bacteria liquid, which can be fed at any time. The added water is required to be potable without disinfectants, fungicides, antibiotics, and synthetic antibacterial drugs. The water temperature should not exceed 45°C, preferably 25-37°C warm water; the containers used must be cleaned and have a sealable lid. It can be used repeatedly after disinfection. The activated bacteria liquid can be stored in a dry and cool place.

Example Embodiment

[0014] Example 1: Commercially available freeze-dried photosynthetic bacteria strains 10g; yeast extract 15g, sodium acetate 17.5g, sodium chloride 10g, magnesium sulfate 5g, dipotassium hydrogen sulfate 5g, citric acid 10g, separately packaged. Mix them during use, add 10,000ml of water and place them in the sun for about 7 days (about 35°C) to obtain a microbial preparation containing about 2 billion live bacteria per ml. The bacterial agent has very good effects on enhancing the health status and growth promotion of farmed animals, especially aquatic animals, and can improve water quality.
[0015] The application effect of the product in the broiler farm:
[0016] 1. The average weight of broilers in the test group (20 days old) was 750 grams per chicken, and the average weight of the control group was 670 grams per chicken;
[0017] 2. In this period (20 days) the total feed intake of the experimental group (1100 animals) was 100kg, and the control group (1100 animals) was 80kg;
[0018] 3. The mortality rate is reduced by 5%; the smell of feces is reduced.

Example Embodiment

[0019] Example 2: 5g of commercially available freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria; 990g of brown sugar and 10g of yeast powder, packaged separately. Mix them during use, add 9000ml of water, and place them at room temperature for about 2 days (about 20-25°C) to obtain a microbial preparation containing 1.5-2 billion live bacteria per ml. The preparation has very good effects on the prevention of diarrhea in breeding animals, growth promotion and the like.
[0020] The impact of products on the incidence and death of piglets
[0022] The compensation effect of the product on the stress of swine fever vaccine
[0023] Group
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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