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A maceral is a component, organic in origin, of coal or oil shale. The term 'maceral' in reference to coal is analogous to the use of the term 'mineral' in reference to igneous or metamorphic rocks. Examples of macerals are inertinite, vitrinite, and liptinite.

Process for abstracting earth silicon, oxide of alumina and gallium oxide from high-alumina flying ash

A method for extracting silicon dioxide, alumina and gallium oxide from high-alumina fly ash relates to the technology fields of environmental mineralogy and material, chemical industry and metallurgy. The method comprises the main steps as follows: causing the high-alumina fly ash to react with sodium hydroxide solution; filtering the solution; introducing CO2 to the filtrate for full gelation; cleaning, purifying, drying, grinding and calcining the silica gel after gel filtration to obtain finished white carbon black; adding limestone and a sodium carbonate solution into the filter mass after the reaction and filtration of the high-alumina fly ash and the sodium hydroxide solution; ball grinding the mixture into raw slurry; dissolving out the clinker obtained by baking the raw slurry; subjecting the filtrate to deep desiliconization to obtain sodium aluminate extraction liquid; filtrating the sodium aluminate extraction liquid after subjecting the sodium aluminate extraction liquid to carbon dioxide decomposition; baking the aluminum hydroxide after washing the filter mass to form the aluminum hydroxide product; and extracting the gallium oxide from the carbon dioxide decomposition mother solution and desiliconized solution. The method has the advantages of low material price, simple operating procedures, low investment, low production cost, low energy consumption and less slag.

Method for evaluating shale gas reservoir and searching sweet spot region

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The present invention discloses a method for evaluating shale gas reservoirs and searching sweet spot regions, which includes steps as follows: drilling corestone columns with different directions and measuring dynamic and static parameters of the corestone columns after saturation to obtain a transformable relational expression of dynamic and static elasticity modulus, processing physical simulation of anisotropic rocks, and calculating elastic parameters; intersecting to obtain related relationship corresponding to elastic and sensitive parameters or the combination of the elastic and sensitive parameters and parameters of shale gas sweet spot regions, getting and predicating the parameters or parameter combination of the shale gas sweet spot regions; correcting log data to obtain optimal well log; utilizing multi-mineral analysis and corestone test analysis methods to obtain a model and processing in series; inverting three-dimensional high resolution post-stack seismic data; synthesizing obtained various favorable parameters of the shale gas reservoirs and combining the accurate burial depth, thickness, occurrence and planar distribution of the shale gas reservoirs to obtain the gas bearing characteristic prospect of the shale gas reservoirs and outline the sweet spot regions for shale gas exploration and development.

Non-sodium chloride environment-friendly type coal-saving combustion adjuvant special for cement

The invention discloses a sodium chloride-free environment-friendly coal-saving combustion improver special for cement, which aims to solve the technical problem of eliminating the damage of sodium chloride to furnaces, kiln bodies and the atmosphere. The combustion improver consists of an industrial grade finished product raw material, industrial residue, and a tailing material, and contains a barium compound, boride, carbonate, a chromium compound, fluoride, a magnesium compound, a manganese compound, nitride, a molybdenum compound II, a zirconium compound, industrial residue or tailings of rare earth, oxide and dicyclopentadienyl iron. Compared with the prior art, the combustion improver completely cancels the sodium chloride, furthest reduces the content of Cl<-> in ingredients, eliminates the damage of the sodium chloride to the furnaces, the kiln bodies and the atmosphere, reduces the damage of causing acid rain to the atmosphere, increases a plurality of metal acids, oxygen compounds and rare earth minerals, contains waste residue, ensures that the combustion is controllably performed, improves combustion environment, improves the combustion efficiency of fire coal, reduces energy consumption, prolongs the service life of equipment, and protects the environment.

Preparation process for aluminosilicophosphate molecular sieve

The invention discloses a universal preparation process for aluminosilicophosphate (SAPO) molecular sieve materials from natural lamellar aluminosilicate minerals. According to the invention, on the basis of the cheap natural lamellar aluminosilicate minerals, the SAPO molecular sieve materials are prepared by carrying out activation, slurrying of ingredients, hydrothermal crystallization and removal of structure directing agents; the natural lamellar aluminosilicate minerals can be fully used as a composite silicon aluminum source, are enabled to completely dissolve by utilizing the reaction activity of an alumina layer with phosphorous species and structure directing agent species under a hydrothermal condition and utilizing dissolving and coordination capacity of a silica layer in a medium, and can assemble anew to form a variety of SAPO molecular sieve materials under the action of the structure directing agents. The process provided in the invention substantially reduces synthesis cost for SAPO molecular sieves; the prepared molecular sieves have variable structure and composition, controllable silicon content and silicon distribution and adjustable acidic site intensity and acidic site distribution; the prepared SAPO molecular sieve materials have a wide application prospect in the fields of catalysis, adsorption, ion exchange, functional materials, etc.
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