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A windshield wiper or windscreen wiper (British English) is a device used to remove rain, snow, ice and debris from a vehicle's front window. Almost all motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, train locomotives, and watercraft with a cabin—and some aircraft—are equipped with one or more such wipers, which are usually a legal requirement.

Wiper device for the windows of motor vehicles

A wiper apparatus is proposed that is used to clean windows of motor vehicles. The wiper apparatus has a wiper arm (18), guided on the motor vehicle and driven in pendulum motion, on whose free end, remote from the pendulum shaft (88), a wiper blade (10), elongated transversely to the pendulum direction (double arrow 86) and capable of being pressed against the window (28), is separably hinged via a connection device (14) that has coupling elements (22 and 16) associated with the wiper arm and the wiper blade, respectively, wherein the pivot axis (54) extends substantially in the pendulum direction, and the wiper apparatus has at least one support shoulder (44, 46 and 68), solidly connected to the wiper arm and pointing toward the pendulum shaft (88), which shoulder is located opposite an associated interception shoulder (62), solidly connected to the wiper blade and pointing away from the pendulum shaft (88). To assure problem-free mounting of the wiper blade on the wiper arm and problem-free removal of the wiper blade from the wiper arm, even if for structural reasons the wiper arm cannot be raised in a plane that is vertical to the window, transverse to the wiping direction, at least one of the two shoulders (44, 46, 68; 62) can be moved counter to a restoring force all the way out of the opposed position relative to the other shoulder (62; 44, 46, 68).

Intelligent windscreen wiper system and controlling method thereof based on CAN/LIN bus

The invention discloses an intelligent windscreen wiper system and a controlling method thereof, the system comprises an intelligent windscreen wiper controller, a windscreen wiper actuator, a mode switch and a rain mount sensor, the intelligent windscreen wiper controller is integrated in a car body controller, and the windscreen wiper actuator is controlled by the intelligent windscreen wiper controller through a PIN foot, the rain mount sensor and the mode switch are communicated with the intelligent windscreen wiper controller by a LIN, the car body controller which is integrated with the intelligent windscreen wiper controller not only can be used as a node of a CAN network but also can be a main node of a LIN network. A control message and a rain mount detecting signal of a windscreen wiper are received from the LIN bus by the intelligent windscreen wiper controller; and then the intelligent windscreen wiper controller carries out decoding and executes relating control instructions. The intelligent windscreen wiper controller is integrated in the car body controller, the increasing of cost which is caused by singly adding a module is reduced, meanwhile, the information of the intelligent windscreen wiper system is transferred to other modules of the car through a CAN bus, thereby realizing the information sharing, solving the problem of complex external wiring of the traditional windscreen wiper and reducing the failure rate.
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