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Methods and apparatus for unattended pickups and deliveries

A secure pickup and delivery container includes a lockable door, a control unit, an access element, and an anchoring element, according to one embodiment. The control unit includes a processing element and a memory that can be programmed either on-site or remotely with access privilege information such as identity (e.g. of container, delivery person, etc.), location, date, time, frequency of access, and/or package-specific information. In one embodiment, access privilege information is programmed when an intended recipient of a delivery consummates a point of sale transaction, for example over the Internet or telephone. The access element can be a keypad, a biometric scanner, a card reader, a bar-code reader, and/or a wireless control element to read a programmable token such as a smart card. Delivery personnel can enter access request information into the access element, and if it favorably compares with the access privilege information, the control unit unlocks the door. Notification can be concurrently made via wireline or wireless communications to the intended recipient, who may be situated remote from the secure container. The recipient can optionally return a delivery acknowledgment to the delivery personnel. Details of the delivery transaction can also be recorded electronically on the delivery personnel's token, within the container, or at a remote location.

Portable cooler with accessory tray

A cooler is disclosed having a plurality of plate shelves, an accessory tray and a screw on lid with carrying handle. The container is cylindrical in shape and sized to accept a standard nine (9) inch to ten and one-half (10 ½) inch diameter dinner plate in a level, upright position on one or more shelves. The first shelf is the floor of the cooler which has a raised rim along its perimeter for accepting a standard shaped plate with a circular border rim and concave center. The second shelf is comprised of a protruding rim inside the cooler upon which another plate may rest. Alternatively, the accessory tray may rest on the second shelf The accessory tray is molded to fit upon the protruding rim inside the cooler. The accessory tray has compartments for securing cans or bottles containing beverages so that they will not roll about, compartments for silverware and space for additional food items such as condiments. The accessory tray has a handle that extends upward from the center of the tray for lifting of the tray. The underside of the accessory tray has compartments for attachment of a gelpack. The gelpack is secured to the underside of the accessory tray with a twist-on threaded attachment system. Finally, the cooler has a lid with a folding handle. The lid twists on securely to the container. In an alternative embodiment, the cooler has a detachable bottom section secured by threaded attachment to allow carrying of one part of the cooler at a time.

Systems and methods for freezing and storing biopharmaceutical material

The present invention provides a system for freezing, thawing, and storing biopharmaceutical materials which includes a flexible container, a conduit, and a temperature control unit. The flexible container is adapted to receive a biopharmaceutical material therein for freezing, thawing, and storing. The container is formed of a first substantially flat sheet of flexible material joined together by a seam with a second substantially flat sheet of flexible material so as to lie substantially flat when empty. The container fully encloses an interior portion for receiving the biopharmaceutical material. Also, the container is configured to form a three dimensional shape when filled with the biopharmaceutical material, wherein the three dimensional shape has a first side and a second side opposite the first side. The conduit is connected to the flexible container with the outside of the container being in fluid communication with the interior portion via the conduit. The temperature control unit includes a first surface and a second surface facing the first surface and the temperature control unit is configured to receive the flexible container therein, when the container is filled with the biopharmaceutical material. The container conforms to the shape of the interior of the temperature control unit and the first side and the second side of the container contact the first surface and the second surface of the temperature control unit. The first surface and/or the second surface of temperature control unit include heat transfer surface(s).
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