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Geometric Isomer Definition. Geometric isomers are chemical species with the same type and quantity of atoms as another species, yet having a different geometric structure.

Ligands of 5-ht6 receptors, a pharmaceutical composition, method for the production and use thereof

The invention relates to novel ligands of 5-HT6 receptor, to a pharmaceutical composition containing said novel ligands of 5-HT6 receptor as active component and to novel medicaments used for humans and warm-blooded animals for treating diseases and conditions of central nervous system, in pathogenesis of which neuromediator systems induced by 5-HT6 receptors are playing an essential role.
Azaheterocyclic compounds of the general formula 1 or racemates, or optical or geometrical isomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts and/or hydrates thereof are used as 5-HT6 ligands.
Wherein R2 and R3 independently of each other represent an amino group substituent selected from hydrogen; substituted carbonyl; substituted aminocarbonyl; substituted aminothiocarbonyl; substituted sulphonyl; C1-C5-alkyl optionally substituted by: C6-C10-arylaminocarbonyl, heterocyclyl, C6-C10-arylaminocarbonyl, C6-C10-arylaminothiocarbonyl, C5-C10-azaheteroaryl, optionally substituted carboxyl, nitryl group, optionally substituted aryl; R1k represents from 1 to 3 substituents of cyclic system, independent of each other and selected from hydrogen, optionally substituted C1-C5-alkyl, C1-C5-alkoxy, C1-C5-alkenyl, C1-C5-alkynyl, halogen, trifluoromethyl, CN-group, carboxyl, optionally substituted aryl, optionally substituted heterocyclyl, substituted sulfonyl, optionally substituted carboxyl; the solid line accompanied by the dotted line represents a single or a double bond; n=1, 2 or 3.
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