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Tabbed divider and pocket construction

A foldable paper sheet is formed having a sheet body portion, a sheet lower side flap extending out from a lower side edge of the sheet body portion, a pocket panel extending out from a bottom edge of the sheet body portion, and a pocket side flap extending out from a side edge of the pocket panel. The pocket side flap is folded in towards the pocket panel, the pocket panel is folded up and the pocket side flap is glued to the back face of the sheet body portion. The sheet lower side flap is folded and glued to the pocket panel. The pocket panel is thereby secured along both side edges to the sheet body portion, has an open top and thus defines a pocket on the back of the sheet body portion. The pocket panel can have a finger notch at the center of its top edge. A tab is cut out of the edge portion of the sheet body portion to form a tabbed divider sheet. The tab advantageously can be formed at any location along the edge portion including at a lower location directly adjacent to the pocket. Binder holes were punched in the paper preferably during an early production step of the foldable paper sheet. Binder holes in the pocket panel, the side edge flap and the sheet body portion are in alignment with the foldable paper sheet folded and glued. Two of the binder holes in the body portion are spaced above the pocket, and to reinforce these holes the sheet includes an upper side flap. This flap also has two binder holes which with the flap folded onto and glued to the back of the body portion align with the two body portion holes.
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