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Dispenser with material-recognition apparatus and material-recognition method

Dispenser apparatus for dispensing flexible sheet material including material-recognition apparatus permitting the dispenser to recognize sheet material from an authorized source and to be enabled for operation with such material. The dispenser preferably includes standard mechanical components for dispensing sheet material from the dispenser including a housing, structure for supporting a roll of sheet material, drive and tension rollers forming a nip through which the sheet material is displaced as the drive roller rotates and drive apparatus in power-transmission relationship with the drive roller. The material-recognition apparatus includes a sensor mounted in the dispenser housing and in position to scan a code, preferably located on the core on which the sheet material is wound. The sensor generates a code signal corresponding to the code. A control circuit operatively connected to the sensor is adapted to receive the code signal and compare the code represented by said code signal to at least one code in a code database. The dispenser is placed in a dispenser-enabled state capable of dispensing sheet material corresponding to agreement between the codes and a dispenser-disabled state in which the dispenser is disabled when no such code agreement exists.

Automatic dispenser apparatus

The invention is directed to improved automatic dispenser apparatus for dispensing sheet material and the like without contact between a user and the dispenser. Proximity detection apparatus is provided to detect the presence of a user in a detection zone generated outside the dispenser. Control apparatus controls actuation of the dispenser in response to the detected user. Preferred forms of the proximity detector include a sensor and a signal detection circuit operatively connected to the sensor. The sensor includes conductors configured to have a capacitance and positioned such that the capacitance is changed by the presence of a user within the detection zone. The signal detection circuit detects the change in capacitance and is provided with an oscillator having a frequency which is affected by the sensor capacitance and a differential frequency discriminator which detects changes in the oscillator frequency. The control apparatus receives the detected frequency change and generates a signal provided to actuate the dispenser to dispense the material. The dispenser control apparatus controls dispenser operation responsive to decreases in battery voltage which occur during the life cycle of the batteries and controls dispenser operation when the batteries near the end of such life cycle. Such control apparatus may be used with any type of battery powered dispenser, including hands-free dispensers and dispensers actuated by direct physical contact with the user.
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