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1932 results about "Multiple stages" patented technology

Exhaust aftertreatment system using urea water

An exhaust aftertreatment system comprises an injector for injecting urea water into an exhaust duct, and a denitration catalyst disposed downstream of the injector with respect to a flow of exhaust gas. The exhaust aftertreatment system reduces nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas by the denitration catalyst while using ammonia produced from the urea water injected from the injector. The urea water is injected along a direction of the flow of the exhaust gas within the exhaust duct, and a porous plate is disposed in multiple stages in a space of the exhaust duct such that droplets of the injected urea water impinge against the porous plate before reaching a wall surface of the exhaust duct. A surface of the porous plate subjected to the impingement of the droplets is arranged to face downstream with respect to the flow of the exhaust gas. Deposition of the urea water is prevented by causing film boiling when the droplets impinge against the porous plate, and the urea water reflected by the porous plate is uniformly dispersed into the exhaust gas. Thus, the urea water is uniformly dispersed into the exhaust gas without increasing a pressure loss of the exhaust gas. The urea water is prevented from depositing on the wall surface and producing a precipitate in the form of a solid.

Hidden turnover ladder and oil field operation equipment

The invention relates to a hidden turnover ladder. The hidden turnover ladder is characterized by comprising an upper ladder assembly and a lower ladder assembly, wherein the upper ladder assembly comprises a baseplate, and a pair of mounting vertical plates symmetrically arranged on the baseplate; multiple stages of upper antiskid pedals are arranged between the mounting vertical plate; first pin shaft holes are formed in the lower front parts of the mounting vertical plates; the lower ladder assembly comprises a pair of step type mounting side plates; connecting lug plates are arranged at the upper ends of the mounting side plates, and are rotationally connected with the first pin shaft holes through first pin shafts; and multiple stages of lower antiskid pedals are arranged between the mounting side plates. The hidden turnover ladder has the beneficial effects of less occupied space, convenience for use and folding capacity in no use. The invention further discloses oil field operation equipment adopting the turnover ladder; and the oil field operation equipment has the following beneficial effects: second pin shafts are arranged for connecting a car body with the hidden turnover ladder, so that the turnover ladder can be accommodated in a turnover ladder accommodating cavity after two times of overturning, and the effect of convenience for use and transportation is achieved.
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