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Method and system for remotely managing communication of data used for predicting malfunctions in a plurality of machines

A method and system for managing communication of electronic data between a diagnostic service center and a plurality of mobile assets (10) generally remote relative to each other is provided. The electronic data comprises at least respective mobile asset data indicative of respective performance of the plurality of mobile assets. The mobile asset data used for detecting the presence of potential malfunctions which, if left uncorrected, would likely result in respective mission failures of the assets. The method allows for storing in a database (104) a list of respective cases to be processed. The method further allows for assigning to each case a respective download priority. A determining action allows for determining each case to be populated next with new mobile asset data based upon the assigned download priority. Respective executing actions allow for executing a download of the new mobile asset data between the diagnostic service center and a respective one of the mobile assets, and for executing predetermined analysis on the downloaded data for detecting the presence of respective potential malfunctions in the mobile assets. The download of data may be executed automatically whenever critical faults occur in the mobile assets.

Method for guiding repair or replacement of parts for generally complex equipment

Computerized method and system computerized method for guiding equipment service personnel while at an equipment work site through a plurality of tasks for troubleshooting the health of a selected system of a selected equipment to determine the nature and extent of service needed for such system. The method allows to provide a database comprising detailed data for health assessment and servicing of a selected equipment and system thereof, and an expert rule-based troubleshooting wizard for eliciting information regarding the selected equipment and system and for providing troubleshooting instructions to determine the nature of the equipment fault and the servicing required for the selected equipment and system. An input / output device at the work site for communicating with the database is provided. The method allows to select the equipment and the system thereof to be serviced and to access the database to interface with the troubleshooting wizard for the selected equipment and system. The method allows to provide in response to a set of prompts to the personnel from the troubleshooting wizard at least one set of observations selected from the group comprising operational performance of the selected equipment, operational performance of the selected system, and fault indications detected in the equipment and system. The method processes the observation information relative to the troubleshooting wizard to determine whether or not said selected equipment and system needs to be serviced, and if so the nature and extent of that service.
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