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Multimedia data processing method and device, multimedia data providing method and device, and system

The invention discloses a multimedia data processing method, a multimedia data processing device, a multimedia data providing method, a multimedia data providing device and a system, and belongs to the field of playing of multimedia. The multimedia processing method comprises the steps of decoding acquired audio-video data to acquire an audio-video fragment; detecting whether a video program corresponding to the audio-video data includes a parent control identifier; if the video program includes the parent control identifier, acquiring a parent control parameter corresponding to the video program; if the audio-video fragment belongs to the specified audio-video fragment, processing the audio-video fragment according to the parent control parameter; playing the processed audio-video fragment, or stopping playing the audio-video fragment; and if the audio-video fragment does not belong to the specified audio-video fragment, playing the audio-video fragment. According to the methods, the devices and the system provided by the invention, juveniles are prevented from watching sensitive content in the video program without affecting the watching of normal video content in the video program, so that watching experience of the user is enhanced, and the amount of playing the video program is not affected.

Image processing assembly and method capable of achieving image rotation

The invention discloses an image processing assembly and method capable of achieving image rotation. The image processing assembly comprises a decoding unit, an image processing unit and a coding unit. The decoding unit is used for receiving an original image signal, converting the original image signal into a digital RGB signal and outputting the digital RGB signal. The image processing unit is used for conducting cutting, frame rate conversion, rotation and zooming on the digital RGB signal. The coding unit is used for receiving the processed digital RGB signal, converting the processed digital RGB signal into a processed image signal and outputting the processed image signal to an external display device. The image processing unit comprises a cutting module, a first frame rate conversion module, a rotation module, a zooming module, a second frame rate conversion module and a signal output module. By means of the image processing assembly and method, the image signal can be cut, rotated, zoomed and the like, and synchronous and letter-box-free display of screen display content on an intelligent terminal and screen display content on the external display device can be achieved; the frame rate of the image signal is converted into a frame rate matched with that of the external display device so that transition of a dynamic picture in the image signal can be smoother, and the viewing feeling of human eyes can be promoted more easily.

Method for superposing view angle following text and video contents on virtual reality video

The invention relates to a method for superposing view angle following text and video contents on a virtual reality video. The method comprises the steps of performing 3D modeling by a video playback module and putting read video data to a 3D model frame by frame; calculating picture information according to a view angle parameter given by a user and reserving an area of a specific size at a particular place of the picture for static display; respectively performing different technical processing according to the types of contents to be displayed and forming pictures to be displayed; and performing video display according to calculated data information and displaying specific contents at a static display area. According to the method for superposing the view angle following text and video contents on the virtual reality video provided by the invention, by reserving one static display area at a display area of the virtual reality video, and rendering text or picture information to be displayed to the area for display through specific processing, users can obtain additional information from a video static play area in the case of switching view angles in an unaffected way, thereby greatly increasing the flexibility of user viewing, and improving the visual experience.

Method, device and system for adjusting site lighting device

The invention provides a method for adjusting a site lighting device. According to the method, optical parameters of the lighting device is adjusted according to the media content, so that a scene adapting to the media content is set off by contrast through lamplight of the lighting device. The method comprises the following steps of utilizing a media collecting and separating module for collecting the media content and separating out videos, audios and characters; utilizing a media analysis and recognition module for recognizing and analyzing the videos, the audios and the characters, and outputting scene information; utilizing a scene reconstruction module for reconstructing a virtual scene similar to a media scene as much as possible according to the scene information, and outputting visual scene information; utilizing a lighting decision making module for conducting logic judgment according to the virtual scene information, and outputting a lighting instruction; utilizing a lighting driving module for adjusting the optical parameters of the lighting device according to the lighting instruction, so that the lighting device emits corresponding lamplight, and the scene adapting to the media content is set off by contrast. The invention further provides a device and system which can implement the method for adjusting the site lighting device.

Relationship map display method and device

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The invention discloses a relationship map display method and device. The method comprises the following steps of: obtaining regional information of a local abstract map pointed by a navigation block in a navigation viewport; and mapping a local relationship map corresponding to the regional information of the local abstract map into a map display area through combining a display mapping proportion between the navigation block and the map display area, so as to obtain and display a local relationship map to be displayed into the map display area so that the local relationship map can be checked by users conveniently, wherein a one-to-one correspondence relationship exists among coordinate points in the abstract map, coordinates of elements in the relationship map and coordinates of the relationship. According to the method and device disclosed by the invention, the navigation viewport and navigation block combined use is realized, so that the users can check the to-be-checked areas in the relationship map in time and check the whole relationship map when the size of the navigation block covers the whole navigation viewport, thereby improving the relationship map check experience of the users and improving the display efficiency and display effect of the relationship map.
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