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Weeding, sprinkling and fertilizing integrated device for garden lawn

The invention discloses a weeding, sprinkling and fertilizing integrated device for a garden lawn. The device comprises a moving vehicle, a dust collector, a storage battery, a search light, a crossbeam, a camera, a cleaning harrow, a rotating disc, cutting knives, a brush cleaner, a sweeping wheel and a garbage string bag, wherein a push handle is arranged at one side of the moving vehicle, a display device is arranged on the moving vehicle, the search light and the camera are arranged on the side wall of the front end of the moving vehicle, the crossbeam is arranged on the moving vehicle, the cleaning harrow is fixedly connected with the lower surface of the crossbeam through a first telescopic rod, the lower surface of the crossbeam is provided with a second telescopic rod, a rotating motor is mounted at the bottom end of the second telescopic rod, an output shaft of the rotating motor is connected with the rotating disc, multiple groups of cutting knives are uniformly arranged at the outer edge of the rotating disc, the side wall of the sweeping wheel is connected with the crossbeam through a third telescopic rod, the brush cleaner is arranged on the sweeping wheel, the garbagestring bag is arranged at the bottom end of the moving vehicle, and the dust collector is arranged in the moving vehicle. According to the device, twigs, stones and the like are prevented from wearing the cutting knives, the service life is prolonged, the cleanliness of the lawn is ensured, the structure is simple, the use is convenient, and thus, the popularization is facilitated.

Method for greening and restoring hard side slope

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The invention discloses a method for greening and restoring a hard side slope. The method comprises the steps of cleaning a slope surface, arranging an anchor rod, laying a galvanized wire mesh sheet,improving red sandstone into planting soil, laying a geomembrane, executing sowing, establishing an automatic irrigation system and executing operation and maintenance, wherein the red sandstone soillayers with different sandstone contents are improved by adding an improver, meanwhile spray heads are installed on a pre-buried spray system by utilizing an automatic control system, and planted plants are irrigated by using the spray heads. A sprinkling irrigation system can be automatically controlled according to temperature and humidity. The invention provides a hard slope greening restoration technology for improving red sandstone into planting soil. Long-term growth conditions are provided for vegetations, the ecological restoration requirements of a rock slope and a hard slope are met, slope protection greening planting plants are combined with a traditional vegetation concrete ecological-restoration technology, vegetation restoration and anchoring fixation are simultaneously carried out, and the vegetation growth on slopes and slope fixation can be better achieved.

Artificial lawn and fabrication process thereof

The invention discloses an artificial lawn and a fabrication process thereof. The lawn comprises a soil basal layer, a warp knitting grid net paved above the soil basal layer, and fiber grass clusters knitted on the warp knitting grid net, wherein the warp knitting grid net is in a grid structure which is formed by interlacing warps and wefts, natural grass is inserted into grids by the warp knitting grid net, and grass roots of the natural grass are planted in the soil basal layer; the warps and the wefts are all grass silk yarn harnesses knitted and twined by fiber grass yarns, and the grass roots of the fiber grass clusters are knitted in the grass silk yarn harnesses. The process comprises the steps: producing the fiber grass yarns; arraying a plurality of fiber grass yarns side by side, then, knitting the grass yarns into a fried dough twist grass yarn harnesses, and knitting the grass yarn harnesses into the warp knitting grid net; building the soil basal layer on the ground; paving the knitted warp knitting grid net above the soil basal layer; inserting or planting the natural grass in the warp knitting grid net. The artificial lawn and the fabrication process thereof have the benefits that materials, such as base fabrics and mucilage glue, are not needed, so that the economic cost is reduced; the natural grass is planted in the grid, so that the artificial lawn and the fabrication process thereof are more real and have strong flexibility.

Integrated reconstruction and protection method for semi-rock high slope vegetation

The invention aims at providing an integrated reconstruction and protection method for semi-rock high slope vegetation. The method comprises the steps of (1) slope treatment; (2) construction of a nutrition bowl; (3) slope consolidation; (4) creation of a multi-purpose vegetation bag; (5) construction of a water-storage landscape wall; and (6) creation of a combined landscape wall flower bed. Through slope improvement, pavement of rainwater harvesting facilities, arrangement of a greening device and integrated arrangement and application of the multi-purpose vegetation bag and the landscape wall, the slope planting condition is improved through application of waterborne polyurethane, gushed organic matter and nutrient soil, the soil is improved, the soil loss is prevented, favorable conditions are provided for growth of plants, and a theoretical basis and a technical basis are provided for scientific and nutrient soil, and meanwhile, the influence on traffic security caused by slope rolling stones or debris flow sliding on a driving zone is reduced; and the phenomenon of serious slope loosening and weathering is effectively solved, the overall stability of the slope is strengthened and the method is ecological, environment-friendly, and significant in economic and social benefits.
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