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A rotary switch is a switch operated by rotation. These are often chosen when more than 2 positions are needed, such as a three-speed fan or a CB radio with multiple frequencies of reception or "channels".

Actuating Device With Rotary Switch

An actuating device is provided for selecting gears of an automatic transmission. The actuating device includes a rotatable actuating element as well as a crank arrangement (9) with stop elements (Mn) for limiting the rotation angle of the actuating element to a total switching angle. The actuating element may assume n switching positions within the total switching angle. The crank arrangement (9) has a separate stop element (Mn), which can be activated in a controlled manner, and a crank area (12, 13) for each of the n switching positions. The crank area (12, 13) comprises at least one crank segment (A, B, C, . . . ), between the end stops of which a stop element (Mn) can assume one of n relative positions, which correspond to the n switching positions. The crank segments (A, B, C, . . . ) are arranged distributed over the total crank angle such that all n relative positions are occupied by the n stop elements (Mn) for each relative switching position (1, 2, 3, . . . ). The actuating device makes possible, analogously to purely mechanical actuating elements with discrete locking position, the reliable actuation of complex technical systems. At the same time, intuitively detectable and especially tactile feedback, which is unambiguous under all operating conditions, is achieved for the actual state of the system.

Knob assembly

ActiveUS7592562B1Reducing and eliminating switchingContact operating partsRotary switchEngineering
A switch assembly (1) includes a rotary electrical switch body (13) having a plurality of switch positions, a switch stem (12) extending along a first axis (32) and having a first and second ends, the first end engaging the rotary switch (14) for alternating the rotary switch body between the plurality of switch positions responsive to rotation of the switch stem about the first axis, and a knob assembly (10). The knob assembly includes a knob core contacting the second end of the switch stem, a knob collar (22) contacting the knob core and adapted for rotating the knob core and the switch stem about the first axis, where the knob collar includes a first upper stop member (46), and a stop cam (20) having a fixed position relative to the switch stem and disposed between the knob core and the rotary switch, where the stop cam includes a lower stop member (31) having a feature for engaging the first upper stop member when the first upper stop member and the lower stop member are disposed along a common path. In the switch assembly, the first upper stop member travels in a circumferential path normal to the first axis responsive to the knob collar rotating the knob core and the switch stem, where the knob collar is displaceable along the first axis between first and second axial positions, where the lower stop member is in the circumferential path when the knob collar is in the first axial position, and where the lower stop member is removed from the circumferential path when the knob collar is in the second axial position.

Water cup

A water cup comprises a cup cover and a cup body for holding fluid drink, the cup cover is detachably connected to the cup body, a fluid passage penetrating through the cup body is formed in the cup body, and a water outlet is formed in the upper surface of the cup cover. The water cup is characterized by comprising a dustproof cover, a first sealing mechanism, a rotary retractable rod, a second sealing mechanism and a limiting mechanism, wherein the dustproof cover is positioned on the cup cover, the first sealing mechanism is positioned inside the cup cover, is arranged close to the water outlet and comprises a water outlet rotary switch and a water outlet sealing lining piece, the rotary retractable rod is connected with the dustproof cover, the second sealing mechanism is positioned below the rotary retractable rod, is fixedly connected with the rotary retractable rod and comprises a sealing part, and the limiting mechanism capable of stopping the water outlet sealing lining piece from rotating horizontally is arranged in the cup cover. Compared with the prior art, the water cup has the advantages that the water cup is provided with two accommodating cavities including a heat preservation cavity and a cooling cavity, so that the drink can be kept warm and can also be cooled, and the warm drink and the cooled drink can be mixed; the water cup is easier to clean and wide in application range.

Ultrasonic and acoustic guided automatic assisted-type epidural puncture assistance system

ActiveCN106943180AThe effect is objective and directAccurate action distanceSurgical needlesEducational modelsRotary switchRechargeable battery pack
The invention discloses an ultrasonic and acoustic guided automatic assisted-type epidural puncture assistance system, which is composed of two parts, namely an ultrasonic and acoustic guided automatic assisted-type epidural puncture apparatus and an assisted puncture and control handle, wherein the ultrasonic and acoustic guided automatic assisted-type epidural puncture apparatus is composed of an ultrasonic probe interface, an injection pump component, a pressure sensor, a pressure taking device, a box compartment, a box compartment snap, a loudspeaker, a connecting pipeline, a touch display screen and a circuit module; the assisted puncture and control handle is composed of a disposable positioning mark sliding displacing and supporting elastic sheet, a puncture needle component, a driving shaft linear stepping motor driver, a puncture needle displacement sensor, a rotary switch, a lever type switch, a dual-axis tilt sensor, a rechargeable battery pack, an ultrasonic probe and a connecting cable as well as a connecting pipeline, an injection pump, a pressure sensor and a puncture needle component; and the ultrasonic probe is connected to the dual-axis tilt sensor and the ultrasonic probe interface by virtue of cable lines. With the application of the assistance system provided by the invention, puncture accuracy can be enhanced and complications caused by failure can be reduced.
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