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Method and apparatus for performing delegated transactions

A computer implemented method for enabling a third party by a user to execute a transaction on behalf of the user, said method comprising:
  • generating a token based on at least an account identifier identifying an account of said user, a secret authorization identifier known only by the user and said bank and corresponding to said account of said user, and a transaction definition defining the type of transaction to be performed;
  • encrypting said token by an encryption method to generate an encrypted token, said encryption method being predefined such that it is known by said bank and can either be performed inversely or can be repeated by said bank;
  • transferring said encrypted token from said user to said user to said third party to thereby authorize said third party to define the transaction as defined in said transaction definition on behalf of the account of said user specified in said token; wherein
  • for executing said transaction said token is transferred to the bank to which the account specified in said token belongs, said bank verifying the authenticity of said token by either performing an inverse encryption of said token or by repeating said encryption of said unencrypted token which has been reassembled by said bank in order to either allow or refuse said transaction on behalf of the account of said user depending on whether the correctness of said secret authorization identifier corresponding to said account could be verified or not.

Vending machine system and method for encouraging the purchase of profitable items

This invention relates generally to systems and methods for delivering products-on-demand to individuals and, more particularly, to delivery via vending machines. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, the method of the instant invention is initiated when a customer makes an initial product selection. Based the customer's product choice, a determination is made as to whether or not that product qualifies for an alternate product offer. If it does not so qualify, the customer's original selection will be dispensed and the transaction ends. On the other hand, if the product does so qualify, the customer will be presented with an offer message that suggests that he or she should try an alternative product. Typically, the product that is offered as an alternative will be the one whose sale is most beneficial to the vending machine operator, e.g., the one yielding the greatest profit. If the customer accepts the alternate offer, the alternate product will be dispensed. However, if the customer declines the alternate product offer, the originally requested item will be vended. The particular circumstances under which an alternate product offer is presented to the customer are quantified by representing them as a collection of rules, the evaluation of which depends preferably on previously collected sales data.
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