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Underbalanced drill string deployment valve method and apparatus

Apparatus and methods for a deployment valve used with an underbalanced drilling system to enhance the advantages of underbalanced drilling. The underbalanced drilling system may typically comprise elements such as a rotating blow out preventer and drilling recovery system. The deployment valve is positioned in a tubular string, such as casing, at a well bore depth at or preferably substantially below the string light point of the drilling string. When the drilling string is above the string light point then the upwardly acting forces on the drilling string become greater than downwardly acting forces such that the drilling string begins to accelerate upwardly. The deployment valve has a bore sufficiently large to allow passage of the drill bit therethrough in the open position. The deployment valve may be closed when the drill string is pulled within the casing as may be necessary to service the drill string after drilling into a reservoir having a reservoir pressure. To allow the drill string to be removed from the casing, the pressure produced by the formation can be bled off and the drill string removed for servicing. The drill string can then be reinserted, the pressure in the casing above the deployment valve applied to preferably equalize pressure above and below the valve and the drill string run into the hole for further drilling.

Mast and trolley arrangement for mobile multi-function rig

An improved mast arrangement for a mobile multi-function rig has a winch line extending from an upper end of the mast and a traveling block supported thereon. A trolley mountable on the mast is adapted for coupling to the traveling block. The trolley works primarily as a guide for a given load, and therefore is of a lightweight design since loads mounted to the trolley are transferred directly to the traveling block and the supporting winch line. The trolley provides the capability to readily switch between various rig operations, including manipulating coiled tubing with an injector, setting surface casing using a top drive, operating the winch and traveling block for joined pipe operations, and interchanging between top drive and joined pipe operations without removing the top drive from the mast or rig. The rig can run deeper joined pipe applications than previous mobile rigs by providing means for employing the top drive, namely the trolley is adapted to counteract the torsion exerted by the top drive during operation. The trolley is able to work the entire length of the mast after quickly parking the injector near the bottom of the mast. The winch and traveling block have unobstructed travel along the entire length of the mast without disengaging the trolley from the mast and with the injector parked near the bottom end.
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