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Cap device for mixing different kinds of materials separately contained therein and in bottle

A cap device for bottles, which is capable of mixing two different additives separately contained therein with a material contained in a bottle to prepare a mixture in accordance with a simple rotating action of the cap device relative to the bottle, performed by a user, thus allowing the user to easily prepare the mixture just before drinking or using the mixture. The cap device has a cap cover acting as an additive containing part, and defining a cavity therein, with a partition wall provided in the cavity to divide the cavity into two chambers and to separately contain two different additives in the chambers; a first funnel part provided at a lower section of the cap cover; a breakable sheet having a structure to be easily broken by external impact provided at an open lower end of the first funnel part to close the open lower end of the first funnel part; a cap body assembled with a lower end of the cap cover externally tightened to an externally threaded mouth of a bottle; a second funnel part having the same shape as the first funnel part provided at an upper section of the cap body, such that the first and second funnel parts are spaced apart from each other or come into contact with each other; and a means for breaking the breakable sheet so as to open the lower end of the first funnel part.
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