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Light Device has Built-in Camera and Related Digital Data Device's Functions

A Light device having built-in Camera to operate desire digital data functions is powered by an power source for a lamp-holder, light source, flashlight or light device connected to power source by prongs or a bulb-base with conductive contacts to get power. The device may take the form of an IP cam, or Driving Cam, or webcam having but not limited add for auto tracking or one of plurality functions to make different products and functions with optional retractable prongs that plug directly into a wall outlet or insert into existing lamp base or incorporate conductive wire to make electric connection at least one of built-in camera, storage unit, wireless kits, Bluetooth kits, APP communication unit, motion sensor, light device. The said motion sensor and digital data related device(s) including but not limited all kind of camera may in separated housing with night-vision assembly selected from light source, IR diodes, low light camera lens & IC & circuits so people can upgrade the non-camera device to has built-in camera and digital device for their old non-camera security light. The motion sensor head or PIR has digital data output to work with wireless communication parts to avoid the analog model for mutual interfere the signals to cause false functions of light source or wifi or APP or wireless related functions.

High resolution network video camera with massively parallel implementation of image processing, compression and network server

The subject of the present invention is the network video camera capable of delivering high-resolution digital images, comprising over a million of pixels per image, at full motion video frame rate. The camera disclosed in the present invention comprises high resolution image sensor capable of operating at video frame rate, computer network interface for transmission off camera of image data streams originated by said image sensor, and also comprising multi stage pipelined digital image processor operating under control of low cost microprocessor capable of processing and compression of image data at the output rate of said image sensor, wherein said image processor comprises image processing pipeline formed by multiple distinct stages, wherein most of said stages perform distinctly different image processing operations and wherein each said stage has an output latch or buffer and accepts its input data from the output latch or buffer of one or more of other said stages, wherein image data propagates from stage to stage and wherein each of said stages performs its operations on image data concurrently and synchronously with most of other said stages performing their respective operations.

Intelligent recognition monitoring system and method for unmanned substation

InactiveCN104333736AAvoiding the Drawbacks of Analog Small Signal TransmissionEasy to installCharacter and pattern recognitionClosed circuit television systemsVideo monitoringVibration detection
The invention discloses an intelligent recognition monitoring system and method for an unmanned substation. Based on a complete IPVS (internet protocol video monitoring system), the monitoring system comprises a front-end video acquisition layer, a video storage layer and a peripheral warning layer, the front-end video acquisition layer performs real-time video monitoring for the substation by the aid of a network camera with an intelligent recognition function and transmits monitoring data to a monitoring center through a network transmission layer, the video storage layer includes substation information on-site scatter storage and monitoring center concentrated storage, the peripheral warning layer acquires environmental information through an infrared/microwave sensor, a vibration detection device and a temperature and humidity acquisition device in real time, and the monitoring center receives abnormal information transmitted by the front-end video acquisition layer, further judges the information, sieves local alarms caused by normal operation and remotely gives an alarm when abnormity really exists. An intelligent recognition module adopts different recognition algorithms for different monitoring objects, the running state of a target device and the running environment of the substation can be rapidly analyzed, and unattended operation of the substation is truly realized.

Traffic intersection monitoring technology and system based on video image analysis

The invention discloses a traffic intersection monitoring technology and system based on video image analysis. The system comprises a network camera, a network switch, a computer processor, an output control interface, a signal lamp machine and information distribution terminal equipment. The method is characterized in that firstly, each path of camera and client side analysis software detect vehicles and traffic flows in each direction within a designated area in real time by a video image analysis technology; then, the comprehensive analysis and calculation of a server side gives an optimal signal lamp control parameter for automatically switching a signal lamp; and images of road in a abnormal situation are distributed to respective destinations. The system has the advantages that the camera used for detecting a road surface is erected in the air and the installation cost and maintenance cost are low; when a road is changed, equipment does not need to be installed again but can be flexibly and conveniently changed by software; the video image analysis technology is used for detecting the road surface, thus the observation range is large and the accuracy rate is high. The invention is suitable to control the signal lamp on the intersection and distribute images of intersections in an abnormal state.
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Remote control based smart home service robot system

The invention provides a remote control based smart home service robot system. The remote control based smart home service robot system comprises a robot body, a network camera, a wireless fidelity (WiFi) to serial port module, a main control module, an ultrasonic distance measurement module, an infrared distance measurement, a nine-degree-of-freedom movement module and an execution device, wherein the network camera is used for shooting environmental information in front of the robot body, the WiFi to serial port module is used for converting a first instruction into a serial port instruction and sending the serial port instruction to the main control module, the ultrasonic distance measurement module is used for detecting distances between obstacles in multiple directions of the robot body and the robot body, the nine-degree-of-freedom movement module is used for detecting an angle of the front of the robot body, the main control module is used for sending a second instruction to the execution module, and the execution module executes corresponding actions according to the second instruction so as to perform automatic obstacle avoidance and control household appliances. The remote control based smart home service robot system is capable of adjusting and controlling indoor household appliances and the like and providing families with convenient functions of household appliances control, automatic obstacle avoidance, and security guards against theft.

Method for remotely monitoring videos and controlling cloud platform through Android phone

The invention belongs to the technical field of network remote video monitoring, and relates to a method for remotely monitoring videos and controlling a cloud platform through an Android phone. The method solves the problems that in the prior art, the portability is poor, monitored images are not smooth, and the remote video monitoring cannot be widely applied. The method comprises the following steps that firstly, the Android phone is initialized, embedded software A is installed at the client side Android phone, and an access account number and a password of a corresponding monitoring terminal web camera are input into the a welcome page of the embedded software A; secondly, the embedded software A receives, analyzes and plays data of a video shot by the monitoring terminal web camera; thirdly, the web camera cloud platform is remotely controlled by touching a web camera cloud platform motion control button in a home page of the embedded software A to enable the web camera cloud platform to move; fourthly, the alarm function of the monitoring terminal web camera is set and started through the embedded software A, alarm information is monitored, and a mailbox is automatically logged into and the alarm information is displayed after the alarm information is received.

Big data analysis based intelligent greenhouse control system and method

The invention discloses a big data analysis based intelligent greenhouse control system and method. The system includes an air temperature and humidity sensor, a light intensity sensor, a carbon dioxide sensor, a soil temperature and humidity sensor, an equipment driving module, a CC2530, a ZigBee/WiFi gateway, a cloud server and a network camera; the air temperature and humidity sensor, the light intensity sensor, the carbon dioxide sensor and the soil temperature and humidity sensor are used for collecting the environment information of a greenhouse; the equipment driving module is used for adjusting the environment parameters of the greenhouse; the network camera is used for collecting the growth pictures of crops in the greenhouse; the CC2530 sends a control instruction to the equipment driving module; the equipment driving module transmits the control instruction to a ventilating fan, a sprinkling irrigation facility and a light supplementary lamp/light shading curtain, so that the environment parameters in the greenhouse can be adjusted; and the cloud server determines the growth demands of the crops according to the collected crop growth pictures, an information processing decision system and a convolutional neural network model. Through the growth environment demands of the planted crops analyzed based on big data and equipment that can automatically control and adjust the environment parameters according to the growth environment demands of the crops, manpower costs can be greatly saved, and the output of the crops can be enhanced.

Infrared lamp control method for infrared network camera

ActiveCN103781261AGuaranteed input qualityThere will be no misjudgmentTelevision system detailsColor television detailsInfrared lampSingle pixel
The invention discloses an infrared lamp control method for an infrared network camera. The infrared lamp control method comprises the following steps of: S10, acquiring a scenery image in a standard infrared scene, acquiring the red compound values, green compound values and blue compound values of all pixel points in the image, and calculating the optical characteristic values of all the pixel points in the standard infrared scene; S20, calculating the assessed value of a visible light intensity according to the optical characteristic values of the pixel points of the image in the standard infrared scene and the preset visible light sensitivity threshold value of a single pixel point; S30, when the assessed value of the visible light intensity is greater than the visible light sensitivity threshold value, automatically turning off an infrared lamp and switching the camera to a day mode; S40, when the compensation RGB gain in the infrared network camera is greater than a gain sensitivity threshold value, automatically turning on the infrared lamp and switching the camera to a night mode. The infrared lamp control method disclosed by the invention is free from the phenomenon of misjudgement, and beneficial to the accurate mutual switchover of the camera between the night mode and the day mode, thus ensuring the input quality of the image.

Control method for low power consumption of network camera supplied by battery

The invention provides a control method for low power consumption of a network camera supplied by a battery. The method includes following steps: firstly, a power supply module and a master control module are in a standby mode, a sensing module is in a normal work mode, and other modules are in a power-down mode; secondly, when the sensing module detects the invasion of someone, the master control module switches the standby mode to a work mode, and the other modules are turned on; thirdly, video signals are acquired by a video acquisition module, and audio signals are simultaneously acquired by an audio acquisition module; fourthly, the audio and video signals are transmitted to a local storage module via the master control module, or the audio and video signals are sent to a cloud platform via a wireless transmission module; and fifthly, recording is realized via a cloud server and warning information is forwarded to an APP of a user mobile terminal. According to the control method, the problem of power supply wiring of the household network camera is solved, the average power consumption of the equipment is reduced via the reduction of the power consumption in a non-usage period of the camera, and the service lifetime of the battery is extended via process optimization.
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