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Tiled electronic display structure

A tiled display device is formed from display tiles having picture element (pixel) positions defined up to the edge of the tiles. Each pixel position has an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) active area which occupies approximately 25 percent of the pixel area. Each tile includes a memory which stores display data, and pixel driving circuitry which controls the scanning and illumination of the pixels on the tile. The pixel driving circuitry is located on the back side of the tile and connections to pixel electrodes on the front side of the tile are made by vias which pass through portions of selected ones of the pixel areas which are not occupied by the active pixel material. The tiles are to formed in two parts, an electronics section and a display section. Each of these parts includes connecting pads which cover several pixel positions. Each connecting pad makes an electrical connection to only one row electrode or column electrode. The connecting pads on the display section are electrically connected and physically joined to corresponding connecting pads on the electronics section to form a complete tile. Each tile has a glass substrate on the front of the tile. Black matrix lines are formed on the front of the glass substrate and the tiles are joined by mullions which have the same appearance as the black-matrix lines. Alternatively, the black matrix lines may be formed on the inside surface of an optical integrating plate and the tiles may be affixed to the integrating plate such that the edges of the joined tiles are covered by the black-matrix lines. A cathodoluminescent tile structure is formed from individual tiles that have multiple phosphor areas, a single emissive cathode and horizontal and vertical electrostatic deflecting grids which deflect the electron beam produced by the single cathode onto multiple ones of the phosphor areas.
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