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485 results about "Longest Diameter" patented technology

The longest possible length of a straight line passing through the center of a circular or spheroid object that connects two points on the circumference.

Machine tool and method for machining over-long diameter ratio shaft exceeding machine tool standard

The invention discloses a machine tool and a method for machining an over-long diameter ratio shaft exceeding the machine tool standard. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, leaving a section of chuck dock with an effective length respectively at two ends of a workpiece in advance, and drilling central holes on two end surfaces of the workpiece; secondly clamping one end of the workpiece on a chuck of a headstock, and supporting the other end by a finial on a tailstock; thirdly, coarsely turning the excircle of each section of the workpiece, and reversing the workpiece for turning when a knife rest feeds to the tail end of a knife rest lead rail; fourthly, finely turning the excircle of each section of the workpiece, and reversing and clamping the workpiece for turning when the knife rest feeds to the tail end of the knife rest lead rail; and finally, milling the chuck docks at the two ends and the chamfer angle on a boring lathe, a milling machine or other machine tools. The machine tool and the method for machining an over-long diameter ratio shaft exceeding the machine tool standard achieve the purpose of machining long-shaft parts over 15 m on a common machine tool for machining long shaft parts, thereby reducing the production cost.

Full-degradation natural fibre/polylactic acid composite material and preparation method thereof

The present invention belongs to the technological field of the polymer material, provides and relates to a wholly degradable natural fiber and polylactic composite material and the preparation method. The composite material consists of the surface modified natural fiber and the polylactic acid. The specific preparation steps are: first the natural fiber of a certain long diameter is taken and the natural fiber is soaked in the aqueous solution of the coupling agent for 1 to 100 minutes; then the natural fiber is taken out and dried; thus the surface modified natural fiber can be got. Then the polylactic acid is molded and refined in the two-roller smelting machine at a temperature between 100 and 160 Celsius system; after 1 to 20 minutes, the surface modified natural fiber is added to mix and refine. The mixed products are putinto the mold; the mixed products are compressed and molded in the flat vulcanization machine to make the natural fiber and polylactic composite material. Compared with the pure polylactic acid, the mechanical and thermal performances of the composite material are improved; the composite material can be used in the preparation of the engineering plastics with the demanding conditions. The composite material of the present invention can be wholly degraded in the natural environment after being used and wasted, and the composite material belongs to the environmentally friendly material.

Method of making aluminum clad copper tube with metallurgical bonding

The invention provides a method for manufacturing an aluminum-clad copper tube with metallurgical bonding, comprising: A, preparing a copper tube and an aluminum tube straight tube, and the aluminum tube straight tube is an aluminum tube extruded by an extrusion machine; B, The inner surface of the straight aluminum tube is treated, and the outer surface of the copper tube is treated; C, the copper tube is penetrated into the straight aluminum tube to obtain an aluminum-clad copper tube blank, and the copper-to-total weight ratio does not exceed 80%; D, The aluminum-clad copper tube billet is processed and annealed for diameter reduction and wall reduction in the subsequent pass, and the total deformation rate is controlled to be above 60%, so as to obtain a finished product of the aluminum-clad copper tube. The manufacturing method of the aluminum-clad copper pipe provided by the present invention adopts an extrusion machine to manufacture straight aluminum pipes without welded pipe welds, and can withstand mechanical processing without cracking. Straight tubes can manufacture large and heavy aluminum-clad copper tubes, and because of the post-pass diameter reduction and wall reduction processing and annealing and control of deformation rate, the copper-aluminum interface metallurgical bonding is stable, the process flow is stable, and it is suitable for mass production.
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