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Cooking control method of electric rice cooker

The invention discloses a cooking control method of an electric rice cooker. The electric rice cooker comprises a cooker body, an inner container arranged in the cooker body, an upper cover, a heating device, a bottom temperature measurer, an upper cover temperature measurer and a control device used for controlling rice cooking work and arranged on the cooker body, wherein the control device comprises a main controller as well as a first timer, a second timer, a rice-water volume level storage, a temperature storage, a time storage and a heating power storage which are respectively connected with the main controller, and a plurality of powers are preset in the heat power storage. A method for controlling the rice cooking of the electric rice cooker by the control device comprises a heating stage, a boiling stage and a cooking stage. The control device controls the heating device to heat until boiling by using gradually reduced powers. In the invention, the gradually reduced powers are adopted for heating unit boiling at the heating stage, and meanwhile, a boiling state is judged according to the bottom temperature, thus, not only is the problem that a small amount of rice is easy to overflow and be ebullient avoided, but also a large amount of rice can be sufficiently heated to reach the boiling state, and the heating time is effectively controlled.
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