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Compositions and methods for manufacturing starch-based compositions

Compositions and methods for manufacturing sheets having a starch-bound matrix reinforced with fibers and optionally including an inorganic mineral filler. Suitable mixtures for forming the sheets are prepared by mixing together water, unmodified and ungelatinized starch granules, an auxiliary water-dispersible organic polymer, fibers, and optionally an inorganic mineral filler in the correct proportions to form a sheet having desired properties. The mixtures are formed into sheets by passing them between one or more sets of heated rollers to form green sheets. The heated rollers cause the auxiliary polymer to form a skin on the outer surfaces of the sheet that prevents the starch granules from causing the sheet to adhere to the rollers upon gelation of the starch. The green sheets are passed between heated rollers to gelatinize the starch granules, and then to dry the sheet by removing a substantial portion of the water by evaporation. The starch and auxiliary polymer form the binding matrix of the sheets with the fibers and optional inorganic filler dispersed throughout the binding matrix. The starch-bound sheets can be cut, rolled, pressed, scored, perforated, folded, and glued to fashion articles from the sheets much like paper or paperboard. The sheets are particularly useful in the mass production of containers, such as food and beverage containers.

Holder for an electronic device

An apparatus and method for holding a portable electronic device, comprising a base formed of thin, flat, rigid, material, and having, in a lower portion a first, substantially unbroken, flat surface, against which the inner lower surface of the device can be mounted; in any upper bifurcated portion a central slot with a relatively wide open upper end and a relatively narrow closed lower end adjoining the lower portion, and on the sides of the slot open upper end a pair of upwardly-extending, laterally-spaced, second and third mounting surfaces, against which spaced-apart inner upper surfaces of the device can be mounted; a first pair of holes formed in the outer ends of the second and third mounting surfaces; a second hole formed in a lower end of the lower portion; a plurality of inwardly-extending notches formed in the outer edge surfaces of the lower and upper portions; a cord having each of two end portions threaded through the first pair of holes; a middle portion formed as a loop and threaded through the second hole; on each end of the cord a resilient wedge; wherein the device, when equipped with a mounting clip or button, is adapted to be detachably secured to the base by being mounted on the closed lower end of the slot, and if not so equipped is adapted to be strapped to the base by use of the cord and by use of the wedge members is adapted to be suspended from a structure formed so as to receive, squeeze, and detachably hold the wedge members and thereby suspend the base.
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