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Assessment method of efficient operation of intelligent power distribution network

The invention relates to an assessment method of efficient operation of an intelligent power distribution network. The assessment method comprises the steps of: (1) determining boundary conditions; (2) determining service objects; (3) building an assessment index system which includes a power distribution network safety index, a power distribution network reliability index, a power distribution network economical efficiency index, a power distribution network high operation quality index and a power distribution network intelligence index; (4) determining assessment index numerical values of single items; (5) scoring for single items of assessment indexes; (6) performing comprehensive scoring of the assessment index system; and (7) judging whether efficient operation of the power distribution network is achieved according to a comprehensive score of the assessment index system in Step (6). The assessment method for efficient operation of the intelligent power distribution network in the invention has a relatively wide range of application, can comprehensively assess the operating state of the intelligent power distribution network, and an assessment result provides an importance basis for decision-making work of power grid dispatching, planning and operation management personnel.
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